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ISPO Award Winner 2024: Oakley ARO7 Road helmet

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The Oakley ARO7 Road helmet offers cyclists performance on point with its integrated Prizm™ lens, low drag design, and superb ventilation, ensuring comfort, speed, and safety.

With its integrated Prizm™ lens, ventilation, fit and design features, the Oakley ARO7 offers everything performance-driven cyclists need.

The Oakley ARO7 Road is the ultimate choice for performance-driven cyclists. Its integrated Prizm™ lens and stealth design are engineered for low drag and maximum efficiency, giving cyclists the competitive edge they need with a range of clever features and great ventilation. “The no-tail shell shape encourages varying body positions, making it an overall better fit for multiple use cases. Whether it’s a big race, training, or simply a day ride, ARO7 Road is as dynamic as your schedule“,  explains Dirk Wan, Oakley Lead Product Designer on the project. So the helmet is an overall multi-talent for different days, rides and purposes. It also allows cyclists to appreciate a wide range of innovative features.

Oakley ARO7 Road: Superb ventilation and precise fit

The helmet's internal ventilation channels link the front and rear vents, boosting airflow over the head to regulate body temperature and keep you cool during intense rides. The Ionic+ lining covers key contact points on the head, releasing silver ions when wet to prevent sweat buildup and enhance comfort, which ultimately also creates a longer-lasting product. The ARO7 Road features a BOA 360° adjustment system with an adjustable dial for a secure, precise fit and enhanced safety. The improved shell shape of the helmet sits lower on the head, offering better balance and a more natural adaptation to the contours of the head.

Road cycling helmet with a unique magnetic lens system

Located at the front of the helmet, the integrated Prizm™ lens uses a unique magnetic system to stay firmly in place. The system is designed to ensure the lens is correctly positioned for minimal drag, quick attaching, removal, and stowage. Just like with a traditional pair of glasses, the integrated lens can be stowed on top of the helmet using the same hidden magnetic system.

The integrated Prizm™ Lens feels familiar yet fresh and progressive. Its cut is inspired by Oakley’s popular Sutro frame and features a disruptive cylindrical lens. With extensive user testing, the team was able to determine the best lens shape, integration function, and fit. Because of this, the lens does not crash into the face and allows the rider to comfortably wear prescription eyewear underneath.

If things heat up on the ride, no need to sweat — the lens uses the same anti-fog coating as Oakley’s Motocross goggles.

The Oakley ARO7 Road cycling helmet comes also in white (matte).
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Here’s what the jury had to say about the Oakley ARO7 Road cycling helmet:

"Integrated visors have been extremely popular in ski helmets over the last years, however, have not been common in the bike segment apart from maybe trial racing. This new Oakley ARO7 Road is a superb elaboration for road cycling. The magnetic system works well and the design is spot on for race days or just the next ride."
ISPO Award Jury

5 reasons why the Oakley ARO7 Road cycling helmet convinced the ISPO Award jury:

  • Channeled EPS ventilation
  • Integrated Prizm™ lens
  • Unique magnetic system for quick attaching and stowage
  • BOA 360° fit system for a precise fit
  • Mips® safety system for added safety

Product specifications:

  • Sizes: S, M, L
  • Color: Black (matte), Black (gloss), White (matte)
  • Available: Spring 2024
  • RRP: €320.00
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