Innovative Winter Sports Products You Should Know Now

LISTICLE | 11/03/2022
Martin Jahns

Whether skis, ski helmets or ski touring equipment such as crampons and avalanche backpacks. These 24 new winter sports products were honored with the ISPO Award 2022 and will make your next winter sports season a highlight.

Salomon Driver ski helmet

With the Driver, Salomon combines safety and comfort. Especially for spectacle wearers, the Salomon Driver with its "Over The Glass" system is a revelation. The integrated visor is easy to adjust, magnetically replaceable and also available with photochromic SIGMALens Technology for perfect vision in any light conditions. The safety features such as MIPS® technology for extra protection in case of lateral impact and other cushioning systems make the Salomon Driver, on the market since November 2022, the safety all-round package.

Blue Ice Harfang crampons

On ski tours, the rule is: what's heavy is a nuisance. This is another reason why the Blue Ice Harfang crampons are a real added value: with a total weight of 419 grams (with ABS), they are the lightest crampons on the market. At the same time, a steel rail and the anti-stoll function ensure top performance. And: packed together, the crampons are just the size of an apple and thus become space savers in the backpack or on the harness. The Blue Ice Harfang will be available from September 2021.

SCOTT Patrol E2 avalanche backpack

Since September 2022, an improved new edition of the popular avalanche airbag is on the market with the SCOTT Patrol E2. And the Patrol E2 actually adds new features: the Alpride E2 airbag system is now even smaller and lighter than its predecessor. In addition, the Patrol E2 is more robust than ever thanks to the tear-resistant Cordura® RipStop fabric. An LED light on the outside of the backpack indicates the charging status of the airbag system. Particularly practical: The airbag is charged using any USB-compatible energy source - from a standard power socket to a car charger, a powerbank or a mobile solar system.

PUSU Loska SPINNOVA® All-Mountain Ski

If you're looking for a sustainable all-mountain ski, you can't go past the PUSU Loska SPINNOVA®. Thanks to a collaboration with textile manufacturer Spinnova, Finnish ski brand PUSU has been able to use a completely new, natural fiber material made from 100 percent natural cellulose - a ski world first, thanks to which PUSU has been able to dispense with the otherwise common glass and carbon fibers. And all this without performance and handling losses and thanks to wood veneer topsheet in a uniquely natural look!

Blue Ice Aero Lite ice screws

Screw = screw? Not at all! Ultralight, robust and safe, the Blue ICE Aero Lite ice screws are worth their weight in gold when ice climbing and on alpine tours. Thanks to the three-pronged tip, the ice screws grip quickly in the ice. The aluminum screw body makes for a super lightweight ice screw, while the stainless steel tip still brings great performance properties and durability. In addition, the color coding depending on the length of the screw is a quick and useful guide. The award-winning Blue Ice Aero Lite ice screws are already on the market.

SCOTT Blend Plus ski helmet

Looks like a helmet with ski goggles, but is a stylish visor helmet: The new SCOTT Blend Plus. With its cylindrical visor, it guarantees a huge field of vision. Thanks to the contrast-enhancing and (depending on the model) photochromic lens, there is a clear view in all conditions. And: EPS-Inerts and the impact protection system MIPS® guarantee maximum safety in case of falls and shocks. Another safety plus: Thanks to adjustable ventilation and the thoughtful design, ambient noise is easily perceivable despite the helmet. The SCOTT Blend Plus ski helmet is available since October.

SCOTT Superguide LT 95

A touring ski in harmony with nature brings SCOTT with its SCOTT Superguide LT 95 in winter 2022/23 on the market. Because over 50 percent of the weight of the ski consists of eco-materials. Among other things, SCOTT uses flax fibers and castor beans for the Superguide LT 95. Where no bio-based material could be used, SCOTT relies on recycled materials - for example in the base or edges. The result: an important milestone towards sustainable ski manufacturing.

Salomon Radium Prime ski goggles

If you already have a helmet, but are looking for a new ski goggle, you'll find a real feature monster in the Salomon Radium Prime: Extended field of vision thanks to spherical lens, easy magnetic lens change even with gloves, Salomon's Sigma technology for more contrast - it's all there! Thus, the Radium Prime offers the best visibility even in changeable conditions. Unevenness in the terrain are thus still visible early. In addition, the goggles ensure less tired eyes after a day in the snow - and of course they also protect against harmful UV radiation. The ski goggles have been available in stores since November.

Bachmann Sled Brake Steer System

More control in tobogganing is hard to come by: The South Tyrolean tobogganing specialists from Bachmann have managed to make the fun of tobogganing even more accessible with their new Brake-Steer system: Brake claws are attached to both sides of the runners, which can be lowered into the snow by pulling on a grippy control rope. The highlight: this also makes steering child's play. Left turn? Simply pull the left side of the steering cable so that only the left brake claw is inserted. The new brake and steering assistance system is thus not only particularly intuitive, but also increases safety on snow and ice.

Fischer ONE & TWO alpine ski boot for children

The Fischer TWO is also available in blue

It's never been easier for kids to get started skiing: the Fischer ONE & TWO alpine ski boot with its child-friendly handling - such as a Velcro fastener instead of buckles - ensures that ski boots don't turn into blocks on the leg. The outer boot is also particularly lightweight, the gaiter with zipper keeps waterproof and warm. Price-saving: the inner boot can be adjusted to growing children's feet. So kids and parents have long fun with the new ski boots.

SCOTT Shield Recycled

An innovation especially in the field of sustainability is the new Shield Recycled Google from SCOTT. Its frame and strap are made of 100 percent recycled material from old SCOTT goggles. In total, over 60 percent of the weight of the glasses are made from eco-materials. And it does so without sacrificing performance: the SCOTT Shield Recycled offers crisp contrast and an extra-wide field of vision. But with its unique manufacturing process, Scott has achieved one thing above all with its Shield Recycled ski goggles: a winter sports milestone of circular products. The ski goggles have been available since October 2022.

Safeback SBX

With an innovative avalanche rescue technology, the Norwegian company Safeback has won an ISPO Award 2022: The Safeback SBX is the world's first active air supply system that allows people to continue breathing even under masses of snow - and without a mouthpiece. That's because the new SBX system is designed to continuously draw fresh air from the snowpack around the user's backpack and deliver it to the user's breathing zone. In this way, the buried person receives fresh air to breathe in. At the same time, the exhaledCO2 is directed away from the face. This extends the period of time in which buried victims can continue to breathe and increases their chances of survival.

LiTRIC avalanche safety system

ISPO Award 2022 Winner: LiTRIC Avalanche Airbag System

In the service of alpine safety, the two mountain sports brands Ortovox and Arc'teryx have joined forces. With the LiTRIC, a new, electric and lightweight avalanche safety system has emerged from this extraordinary alliance. The electrically powered LiTRIC system provides at least two activations within 60 hours on one battery charge. It weighs just 1100 grams. A powerful centrifugal compressor with a compact high-performance blower including an axial diffuser inflates the airbag within four seconds of deployment. During an avalanche event, a short deployment and rapid deployment of the airbag is essential to keep the skier or snowboarder on the snow surface with higher probability, reducing burial depth and increasing survival rate. The color of the airbag is a particularly bright orange, which can further facilitate a rescue, because it immediately catches the eye.

Doubledeck Snowboards

Doubledeck reinvents snowboarding in 2022. Even at first glance at the snowboard, it is obvious that this is a special winter sports device. The board consists of two elements: the "motherboard", which at first glance looks very similar to a conventional snowboard. And the convex arched bridge mounted on the deck in the binding area of the board - the so-called Bow Construction. This visually striking difference from a conventional snowboard is largely responsible for the performance of the Doubledeck board. Because this mechanism has a positive effect on the power transmission and the riding characteristics of the snowboard and causes an easier turn initiation with better edge pressure on the effective contact points of the board at the same time. It also reduces canting of the board and the risk of falls.

Windskin® Transmission Layers

An innovation for winter athletes: The Windskin® Transmission Layer is designed for training sessions or endurance competitions in cold and windy conditions. The special knitting technologies support a natural temperature regulation of the body. The laminated membrane on the front protects against wind and cooling. What's new: the protective membrane elements have been integrated into particularly exposed areas of the layered jacket. The garment acts like a second skin, is windproof and yet permeable to air. In this way, the new Windskin® Transmission Layer protects runners in headwinds while still allowing moist, warm air to escape from the skin. An innovation that also convinced the ISPO Award jury.

Ultimatefit Ski Boot Liners

To help alpine skiers* with better material and fit, Mark Festor started developing an innovative ski boot liner based on his more than 40 years of experience in the ski boot industry, designed around the functions of the foot and not just based on the shape of the outer boot. The goal was to create a mechanically solid liner that is easy to adjust and allows better responsiveness of the skier thanks to the ankle area.

This is exactly what the Ultimatefit ski boot liner is. The liner features innovative ankle pads and a combination of thermoplastic resin and foam pads in the heel area. The ISPO Award jury said, "Fit is key if you want a ski boot that performs. These inner boots allow a really precise fit for racing or performance boots. Their design speaks for itself thanks to the heel area, tongue and toe box."

Satellite communicator from ZOLEO

Isolated in nature - and suddenly an emergency? Can become a problem. Remedy is the ZOLEO satellite communicator developed. It connects via Bluetooth to a free app on an Android or Apple smartphone/tablet and provides access to the Iridium satellite network of 66 networked LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellites, allowing you to send and receive messages anytime, anywhere. Even in the deepest wilderness. Additional features such as hyperlocal weather forecasts powered by AerisWeather, GPS location sharing and global SOS alerts supported 24/7 by Global Rescue provide extra peace of mind when adventurers are off the grid.

Julbo Lightyear Goggle

The Julbo Lightyear goggles offer a new intuitive ventilation technology and combine it with advanced reactive photochromic lenses for excellent vision day and night. Thanks to Julbo Lightyear, adjusting goggles to changing conditions becomes much more intuitive for maximum protection. The additional airflow can be easily activated and locked ultra-securely thanks to magnets. The photochromic lens, especially the exclusive REACTIV Cat0>Cat4, provides the best visibility from dark night to sunshine. Perfect for all skiers and snowboarders.

WNDR Alpine Intention 108 Ski

Low environmental impact, maximum performance: the WNDR Alpine Intention 108 ski proves that both are possible. The ski combines bio-based and recycled components to improve damping, reduce weight and increase durability. It features a bio-based algae wall, an algae core and a recycled spiral plate. The performance made possible by the use of these three novel components convinced the ISPO Awards jury that the Intention 108 was worthy of an award.

NIDECKER Supermatic binding

Has Nidecker succeeded in developing the holy grail of snowboard bindings? With the brand new Supermatic, the innovative snowboard pioneers from Switzerland combine a step-in binding that combines the comfort of fast entry with the precision of a classic two-strap binding. For almost four years, the developers in Switzerland pondered how the dreamlike comfort of a step-in binding could be realized without having to sacrifice the precision of a classic two-strap binding. Now the perfect binding is here.

SNOWLIFE Capricorn DT Eco 3 Finger Glove

The Capricorn DT Eco 3 Finger glove from Snowlife is a sustainable all-round glove designed for freeriders. Its materials include recycled polyester, wool lining, wool insulation and the new Dimpora membrane. This makes the Capricorn DT Eco 3 Finger the first glove produced with the new Dimpora Eco Pur membrane. This is based on a new technology in which the pores are made with minerals instead of toxic dimethylformamide (DMF), so no environmentally harmful substances are used in production. The membrane is fluorine-free and offers the perfect balance between high waterproofness and breathability.

SCOTT Pure Tours Ski

The SCOTT Pure Tour is designed as one for everything: extremely versatile for all conditions and at the same time a new generation of ski designed to be as sustainable as possible. The SCOTT Pure Tour is a new generation ski with a brand new sustainable construction using flax fibers for a smooth flex and poplar wood for more pop. So respecting the mountains while shredding is not a contradiction.

SCOTT Cosmos Resource ski touring boots

The ski touring boot is based on the SCOTT Cosmos design and consists of more than 50% recycled materials. Based on the proven Cosmos design, this new ski boot from SCOTT uses more than 50% recycled and bio-based materials from the total weight. The inner boot is made of GRS certified materials, the shell and shaft are made of Pebax® Rnew® and the strap is made of 100% recycled polyester. After these first lines, it's probably not hard to guess: The big idea behind the SCOTT Cosmos Re-Source ski touring boot is an eco-friendly redesign of the product.

100-PERCENT Norg Goggle

The Californian goggle specialist 100% has further developed its proven lens technology since 2019. The top model "Norg" scores with a stylish magnetic interchangeable lens system, whose unique design guarantees special comfort and absolute reliability: The lens encloses the frame, so that accidental release is prevented even in the event of a fall.

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