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ISPO Award 2022 Winner: SCOTT Patrol E2 Avalanche Backpack

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The new SCOTT Patrol E2 avalanche backpack ups the game compared to its predecessor: the installed Alpride E2 airbag system is smaller and lighter, leaving more space in the backpack. Tear-resistant Cordura® RipStop fabric makes the backpack itself particularly durable, its sophisticated design is particularly safe and comfortable.

What could be better than going freeriding on a powder day? Skiing or snowboarding in fresh powder snow is something very special, yet it also carries risks - especially after heavy snowfalls. Avalanche airbags, along with general avalanche equipment such as transceivers, probes, and shovels, have therefore become standard for anyone who wants to move more safely in the backcountry. That's why protective equipment is constantly evolving, and airbag backpacks also benefit from research and development in new models. 

"Our mission is to provide the best tool for the activity and deliver leading technology to our athletes - whether it's Ski Patrol or a freeride athlete. Our brand new Patrol E2 sets a new benchmark in electronic airbag systems and creates additional safety in risky situations. The main focus was on outstanding reliability, ease of use, and performance. The Patrol E2 is a state-of-the-art device that can save lives," said Sandra Schoop, Backpacks  & Bags Product Manager at SCOTT.

SCOTT Patrol E2: Improved new edition of the electronic avalanche backpack

With the PATROL E1 backpacks, SCOTT was the first brand to integrate Alpride's electronic avalanche systems in winter 18/19. Now SCOTT takes the opportunity to launch a successor that has the well-known and popular features of the previous model. In terms of safety, lightness, and useful features, however, the new backpack takes another step forward.

The SCOTT Patrol E2 is a state-of-the-art avalanche backpack with the latest Alpride E2 system integrated. Thanks to Cordura® Ripstop fabric, it is more durable, optimized attachment solutions for equipment and special pockets and compartments for various equipment have also been considered. With 30 liters of packing volume, it is also the ideal freeride backpack with enough space inside.

This is also ensured by the new Alpride E2 airbag system. The electronic system is smaller and lighter than its predecessor, the E1. This means more storage space in the backpack and less weight when additional vertical meters are covered for the best snow.

2022 ISPO Award winner: SCOTT Patrol E2 avalanche backpack
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Avalanche backpack: Maximum safety through intuitive design and electronic system

In an emergency, fractions of a second make a difference and every move must be right. 

Herein lies also a great advantage of the electronic airbag system of the Scott Patrol E2: the inflation of the airbag can be practiced at home as often as desired. This results in less hesitation in an emergency, as the handling of the system can proceed more routinely through practice. The release handle can be adjusted in length and to the right or left strap depending on the dominant hand. Overall, the entire backpack was designed for intuitive handling. All safety-relevant features such as the handle, the airbag itself, or even the compartment for the rest of the avalanche equipment are highlighted in orange and thus made particularly recognizable. 

The system itself works via supercapacitors that inflate the airbag in seconds upon deployment. Unlike lithium-ion batteries, the system is independent of temperature influences and works just as well in extreme cold as it does in sunlight or heat.

SCOTT Patrol E2 avalanche backpack: lightweight electronic airbag system
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Easy to charge avalanche backpack thanks to USB-C port

The airbag system can be charged with any USB-compatible energy source, i.e. at home at the socket with a standard charger, in the car, or even via a power bank or solar system on the road. The system's charge level is also automatically checked when active and indicated by an LED light visible from the outside of the backpack. Also, the SCOTT Patrol E2 has a new and user-friendly LCD-display. At the same time, there are no additional costs associated with changing or refilling new cartridges.

The electronic system offers another advantage when traveling: the supercapacitors are passive, electronic elements that are not subject to any restrictions during transport, storage, or shipping. So when flying, there are no restrictions and no check-in problems, as there might be with lithium-ion batteries or cartridges.

Award-winning avalanche backpack: the SCOTT Patrol E2
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Scott Patrol E2 design reflects safety and durability

Compartmentalization of the avalanche backpack, as well as the overall workmanship, is high-quality and sophisticated in its design: it offers enough space for all pieces of equipment, and they find a safe and practical place in or on the backpack. The outer material of the backpack is made of water-repellent and tear-resistant Cordura® Ripstop fabric, which guarantees special durability thanks to its robust processing. The checkered look of the fabric is in addition a unique design element.

Of particular importance, however, is how the backpack securely integrates the avalanche system to ensure the greatest possible benefit to the wearer when forces are released in the event of an avalanche. For this purpose, the airbag system must be securely attached to the athlete. This is done in the case of the SCOTT Patrol E2 with a webbing frame construction, which fixes the system inside the backpack to the shoulder straps, hip belt, and leg loop of the backpack. Thanks to a five-point adjustment system, the backpack can also be adjusted close to the body of each wearer.

Here's what the ISPO Award jury had to say about the SCOTT Patrol E2 avalanche backpack:

"Two key features convinced me about the new avalanche backpack from Scott: the new, electronic, and lightweight Alpride E2 airbag system and its robust finish with Cordura® RipStop fabric. The latter makes the backpack extremely durable."
Andi Spies, Editor & Jury Member

Five reasons why the SCOTT Blend Plus ski helmet convinced the ISPO Award jury:

  • Alpride E2 airbag system: smaller and lighter than its predecessor
  • the secure and comfortable fit of the backpack and intuitive design
  • charging status visible via display, otherwise easy to charge via USB port
  • made of durable Cordura® material
  • various possibilities for stowing equipment

Key data:

Weight: 1580g Backpack, 1140g Alpride System; Total= approx. 2720g
Colors: black, light grey and black
Available in stores from: September 2022
RRP: from 1099.90 EUR

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