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ISPO Award 2022 winner: Salomon Driver ski helmet

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ISPO Award 2022 for the Salomon Driver visor helmet: the fully integrated visor works just as well as ski goggles and impresses with an extra-wide field of vision. First-class fit and safety features ensure comfortable and safe skiing pleasure.

When Salomon launched the Driver as its first visor helmet in 2016, it was an instant success due to its features. The wide field of vision, anti-fog, and the comfortable fit even for spectacle wearers were all striking arguments for the Driver. Since its introduction, Salomon has sold over 180,000 Driver helmets. 

Despite this track record, the team at Salomon wondered how to improve the helmet further. They wanted to revolutionize the visor helmet market.

As the features of the Salomon Driver were in no way inferior to common helmet-goggle combinations but even surpassed them, an assumption was by the team: many people simply did not like the general look of it, as a visor helmet is too bulky. Surveys among skiers confirmed this, as most did not buy a helmet with a visor for precisely this reason, even if there were numerous advantages.


The second-generation Salomon Driver: ski helmet with visor, new features and design

The Salomon Driver has now received an in depth lift, with which various features have been improved, and also the design has been tweaked. The new Driver from Salomon blurs the lines between visor helmets and traditional helmet-goggle combinations. The Driver carries all of the latest technologies and has a groundbreaking feel to it when it comes to the design. There is even a design hint towards the strap of a goggle. But this goes without sacrificing any comfort, as the integration of the visor is seamless. At the same time, the visor helmet offers various ways to express the style of the wearer by choosing its color or different lenses. The Driver comes in four price points between 240 and 350 euros and each in four different colors. That makes a total of 16 different colorways.

The Salomon Driver offers all the benefits of a visor helmet with the inspired look of a helmet/goggle combinations
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Salomon Driver: safe visor helmet with MIPS® and other safety features

The new Driver is also available with MIPS® technology, which provides extra protection in case of lateral impact. According to MIPS® Guidelines “MIPS® is a low friction layer allowing a multi-directional movement on certain angled impacts, intended to reduce rotational force to the head.” In addition, the Salomon Driver also has Smart Safety 360 and EPS4D built-in for comprehensive protection. EPS4D is an EPS foam developed by Salomon that, thanks to its structure, absorbs the impact better in the event of a fall while also improving ventilation of the helmet.

How well a helmet fits is important not only for the best possible protection of the wearer but also for how much you like wearing it. That's why the new Salomon Driver has been designed to be extra comfortable. The fit itself has been newly engineered and with the help of a Boa 360 system, the fit of the helmet can be adjusted quite simply and very precisely, which is not possible with traditional systems so precisely. Simply turn the wheel to make the helmet tighter or wider.

The merino lining also contributes to the comfortable fit. And the handling of the helmet is also conceivably intuitive. A magnetic Fidlock® buckle simply snaps shut as soon as the distance between the two parts is small enough. It's just as easy to release, however it doesn't open on its own, keeping the helmet securely on your head in the event of a fall.


ISPO Award winner 2022: Salomon Driver visor helmet for skiers
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Visor helmet with an extra-wide field of vision and magnetic lens

All the advantages and advanced technologies that Salomon has developed in the ski goggle sector in recent years have also been incorporated into the new Driver. The lens is magnetic on two of the four models, as well as easy to change and adjust. The Driver is also very good to wear with glasses, as the frame of the visor is adjusted for a great fit. The visor is available with photochromatic SIGMALens Technology, which, depending on conditions, enhances contrasts, adapts to light conditions and at the same time provides full UV protection. 

Salomon's second-generation Driver helmet combines the comfort, breathability, OTG friendliness, and maximum field of vision of a visor helmet with a modern, progressive, integrated look that aims to break with codes as an exciting new and functional piece.


ISPO Award winner 2022: Salomon Driver visor helmet with new features
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Here's what the ISPO Award jury had to say about the SCOTT Blend Plus ski helmet:

"For me as a glasses wearer, the Salomon Driver convinces immediately. With the easy-to-use Over The Glass system, I can wear my glasses comfortably underneath at all times and the operation of the integrated ski goggles works very pleasantly."
Robert Semmann, Collaborators Club Member & Jury Member

Five reasons why the Salomon Driver visor helmet convinced the ISPO Award jury:

  • great OTG friendly fit
  • diverse style options with 16 colourways
  • perfectly adjustable visor and fit between helmet and visor
  • great field of vision
  • progressive design that is less bulky and intuitively to use

Key data:

Sizes: S, M, L
weight: 720-750 g
Color: 16 colourways available
Available in stores from: November 2022
RRP: from 240 EUR

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