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SCOTT Blend Plus ski helmet wins ISPO Award 2022

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The new SCOTT Blend Plus ski helmet with visor looks cool and has a wide variety of benefits: Huge field of vision and enhanced contrasts, only one piece to carry around, and of course, it keeps you safe on the slopes. With its style and thoughtful features, it won over the ISPO Award Jury.

Ski helmets with visors have been on the rise in recent years. Because they are practical, you can't forget or lose your ski goggles and the integrated helmet can be worn comfortably even with everyday glasses. At the same time, most would rather have a visor helmet that does not look like one, but more like a classic helmet ski goggle combo. The SCOTT Blend Plus fits neatly into this aesthetic gap: a helmet with integrated goggles brings all those advantages of a visor helmet but does not look like one.

Mission: visor helmet that looks cool

"We set out on a mission to bust the myth that visor helmets cannot look cool.", is how Jozua Schiltz, Winter Helmets Product Manager at SCOTT, describes the approach to developing the SCOTT Blend Plus as a new breed of visor helmet. "Integrated visor ski helmets became popular because of their ease of use, an unparalleled field of vision, and the simplicity of carrying only one product. However, the design and the look were never their strong suit," Schiltz continued. "The SCOTT Blend Plus sets a new benchmark. It has all the benefits of an integrated visor helmet with a modern design and is super easy to use."

2022 ISPO Award winner: SCOTT Blend Plus ski helmet with visor
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SCOTT Blend Plus: safe ski helmet with EPS inserts and MIPS

In terms of safety, the helmet is equipped with various technologies to compensate for falls at different speeds and provide all-around protection for the head. EPP and EPS inserts in key areas lessen the damage in the event of an impact. In addition, MIPS in the SCOTT Blend Plus ensures that the head or brain is less affected by rotational forces and oblique impacts.

At the same time, however, the ski helmet is not heavy, but pleasantly light to wear. The Blend Plus also has adjustable ventilation and was designed so that you can hear just as well with the helmet on as without and perceive surrounding sounds well when skiing. 

Also, putting on and adjusting the ski helmet is particularly easy: thanks to an adjustment wheel at the back and a magnetic closure buckle the helmet is easily tightened to the head of the wearer. To protect the helmet, it comes with a helmet pouch and one for the lenses.


SCOTT Blend Plus ski helmet with visor: safe and easy to handle
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Maximum visibility thanks to contrast-enhancing lens

In the development of the new visor helmet from SCOTT all product features and benefits have flowed, which distinguish the helmets and also ski goggles of the manufacturer. The visor of the SCOTT Blend Plus engages magnetically and thus sits securely in position. That is, it remains locked up when it should stay up. Nevertheless, it can be easily dropped. It does not wobble or slip when the visor is down to protect against snow, wind, or sun.

Likewise, the visor is easily removable and can also be changed depending on visibility conditions. The Blend Plus is available with different lenses. For example, as a category 2 lens or as a light-sensitive, photochromic lens with Amplifier technology.


The SCOTT Blend Plus ski helmet with visor
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Thanks to light-sensitive technology, present on the Blend Plus LS it is not necessary to change lenses in different light conditions as the lens adapts automatically. The Amplifier technology, which has already proven itself in the ski goggles from SCOTT, is present on all the models and  also provides improved contrast.

Another great advantage: the integrated helmet-visor system is also convenient for wearers of everyday glasses because they can be kept on while skiing or snowboarding without pressure points under the visor helmet. Also, the visor closes well and hugs the face like ski goggles.

The SCOTT Blend Plus has an unprecedented field of vision. The lens is cylindrically shaped, which is also a first for a visor helmet and again adds to its look, so the helmet looks cool and stylish despite the visor.

Here's what the ISPO Award jury had to say about the SCOTT Blend Plus ski helmet:

"The trend towards helmets with integrated visors continues. The new Scott Blend Plus convinced me by the easy handling of the visor and the wide field of vision. In addition, a practical feature for spectacle wearers: everyday glasses can be worn under the visor."
Andi Spies, Editor & Jury Member

Five reasons why the SCOTT Blend Plus ski helmet convinced the ISPO Award jury:

  • suitable for spectacle wearers
  • looks like a ski helmet with ski goggles and not like an integrated visor helmet
  • equipped with MIPS as well as EPP and EPS inserts for best possible multi speed impact protection
  • intuitive to use with magnetic closure and easy lens change
  • improved hearing and ventilation

Key data:

Sizes: S, M, L
Color options: black, white,  aspen blue, light beige
Available in stores from: October 2022
RRP: from 269,90 EUR


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