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ISPO Award 2022 Winner: Salomon Radium Prime Ski Goggles

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Goggles are crucial for having great visibility and protection at the same time - whether on the slopes or in deep powder. Salomon is bringing out a reliable and safe companion for winter 2022/23 in the form of the ISPO Award-winning Radium Prime, which really comes into its own in changeable conditions: huge field of vision, high contrast, and an easy changing lens system.

Sometimes it's the little things that matter. With Salomon's Radium Prime ski goggles, too, the innovation is in the details. For example, in the magnetic lens that can be easily changed without removing your gloves, or in the shape of the lens that allows a huge field of vision. However, all these little things add up positively throughout when it comes to having a great day out in the snow. That's why Salomon's new ski goggles can call themselves an ISPO Award Winner 2022.

More visibility even in changing weather conditions

Who hasn't experienced it, depending on the weather you need different lenses, from extra dark ones that protect your eyes from sun and snow reflection to ones that bring out contrasts in poor ground visibility so you don't miss a bump or pile of snow (all Salomon lenses offer UV-protection).

The Radium Prime from Salomon is built so that the lens can be easily changed. 16 magnets hold the lens where it should. They are invisibly installed in the frame of the ski goggles and can therefore not fall out. 

The lens of the goggles can therefore be easily replaced, even without taking off the gloves. In bad weather, of course, a great advantage, because the hands remain warm. Also, in the event of a fall, the goggles do not have to be laboriously and tediously freed from the snow and cleaned - the lens can simply be removed and replaced or cleaned.

In testing, for example, Salomon's athletes took to simply removing the lens from the goggles instead of taking them off to look at their cell phones, for example, which also prevents the goggles from fogging up when sitting on a wet helmet or hat.

ISPO Award Winner 2022: Salomon Radium Prime
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Athlete favorite Salomon Radium Prime ski goggles

Just like the ISPO Award jury, numerous athletes from Salomon's ski team were allowed to test the new goggles a season in advance - in a wide variety of conditions, from overcast days in powder to bright sunshine. The team skiers' conclusion was unequivocal. "These are definitely my favorite Salomon ski goggles so far," says Drew Petersen. 

And Stan Rey can only agree with his teammate: "If you think about it, ski goggles are one of the most underrated pieces of equipment. But a bad goggle can really ruin your ski day. I can only really say positive things about the Radium Prime though, it's super comfortable and I love how easy it is to change the lens. Even with gloves on or after a fall." Greg Hill and Chris Rubens are also excited, "These are the best goggles Salomon has ever made."

Salomon's Sigma technology provides more contrast

Although the lens of the Salomon Radium Prime is extremely easy to change, you can choose a lens that will be the perfect one for all weather conditions: SIGMA PHOTO. The SIGMA technology provides enhanced contrasts and adapts to the weather and lighting conditions. The Radium Prime photochromic lenses tint when light levels increase. If the UV radiation decreases, so does the tinting of the lens for best vision even in variable conditions.  

This improves color contrast on snow and makes it easier for the eye to perceive unevenness in varying terrain and weather. Thus, the goggles also ensure less tired eyes after a long day in the snow and reliably protect the eyes from harmful UV radiation. In addition to the built-in ventilation of the goggles, an anti-fog coating on the lens prevents them from fogging up on the inside. 

The spherical lens also provides an expanded field of vision, because even more peripheral points in the vertical field of view are not obscured by the frame. At the same time, the frame adapts to different face shapes, and wearers of glasses can also keep their normal glasses on under the Salomon Radium Prime. All in all, all these details contribute to the functionality of the ski goggles and to having a really good day skiing or snowboarding, making the Salomon Radium Prime a well-deserved ISPO Award Winner 2022.

The Radium Prime from Salomon is available in 14 different color options.
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Here's what the ISPO Award jury had to say about the Salomon Radium Prime ski goggles:

"The Radium Prime is the indispensable companion in changing weather conditions. Thanks to the perfectly balanced magnets, it is possible to change the lens in seconds, even with gloves, without losing it in case of falls. In addition, the goggles offer an extra-wide field of vision with absolutely excellent contrast, so you won't miss a line or obstacle. The perfect ski day starts with the perfect goggles."
Dominic Rasp, Collaborators Club Member & Jury Member

Five reasons why the Salomon Radium Prime ski goggles won over the ISPO Award jury:

  • Extended field of vision thanks to the spherical lens
  • ski goggles also suitable for spectacle wearers 
  • easy to change magnetic lens - even with gloves on
  • wide, double adjustable strap against slipping
  • soft three-layer foam that adapts to the shape of the face

Key data:

Goggle size: medium/large
Color: available in 14 colorways
Available in stores from: November 2022
RRP: from 220 euros

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