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Turning old into new: ski goggles from the circular economy

ISPO Award 2022 Winner: SCOTT Shield Recycled

With the Shield Recycled goggle, sporting goods manufacturer SCOTT is launching its first circular product for the 22/23 winter season, in which material from old SCOTT goggles is processed. The ski goggles appeal primarily to environmentally conscious winter sports enthusiasts: The frame and strap are made of 100 percent recycled material.

The idea behind the SCOTT Shield Recycled ski goggles

How can old products be returned to the material cycle, their components reused and used to make new sports products? This question is essential when it comes to a circular economy. SCOTT also dealt with this topic extensively last year. The Shield Recycled ski goggles are a proof of concept for the brand and its first step into the world of circular products. 

To that end, last year they collected old SCOTT goggles that had exceeded their useful life and then recycled the frames into new goggle frames. "We wanted to explore possibilities in the realm of circular products. We were inspired by other projects last year and wanted to identify further opportunities in our product portfolio. One of the key aspects was to find a partner with whom we collaborate closely and that led us automatically to our European goggle manufacturer. We tested a few different hypotheses and the result is our 100% recycled goggle frame from old wasted SCOTT frames," Andrew Goodman, SCOTT CSR Manager, tells us about the process towards SCOTT Shield Recycled. In the future, the brand plans to take further steps toward a circular economy.

SCOTT Shield Recycled ski goggles: which materials are recycled

"Often people do not know what to do with their old wasted products. Here we are offering a solution to take back their old products and reducing the need for virgin material, as a bonus we are producing the exact same product as what is returned without any loss of performance," Goodman expands.

SCOTT had been collecting internally old SCOTT goggles for over a year, re-grinding their frames into granulate in Austria, to be injected into new ones. The frame of the new ski goggles then consists entirely of recycled old goggles. And the wide and non-slip strap of the Shield Recycled is also made of 100% recycled polyamide from Fulgar and produced in Austria, and the lenses are produced in France. Since the goggles and all their parts are produced in the EU, the manufacturing is also subject to the strict requirements of the European Union for chemical management.

The more sustainable version of the usual style of the Shield series of SCOTT is the same. Only that the Shield Recycled now minimizes the environmental impact as well. SCOTT produces the Shield Recycled in a limited number, which in turn will be recycled one for one at the end of its lifetime.

ISPO Award Winner 2022: SCOTT Shield Recycled

Maximum visibility through large lens, Amplifier technology, NoFog

The Shield Recycled has the same proven features that make the previous ski goggles in SCOTT's Shield line stand out and were praised at the ISPO Award jury meeting for their functionality. The Shield is a medium to large goggle that has an extra-wide field of vision with its cylindrical lens and fits well with most helmets. Its three-layer, pre-molded foam fits great, especially on medium to larger faces. The Shield Recycled comes in timeless gray and its casual half-brim design gives it a cool elegance.

The Shield Recycled ski goggles come from the Re-Source Lab by SCOTT, the brand's own sustainability program.

A simple Re-Source by SCOTT logo on the strap additionally reveals the goggle's eco-friendly character as well as its EN certification. So the Shield Recycled also meets all the safety standards of goggles for skiing or snowboarding.

At the same time, the double lens of the goggles has it all: thanks to Amplifier lens technology, it has the best view in bad weather conditions, as blue, orange, and red tones provide clearer contrasts. The lens otherwise provides 100 percent protection against harmful UV radiation and thanks to NoFog technology, fogging up should be prevented.

Ski goggles made from old ski goggles: The SCOTT Shield Recycled

SCOTT Shield Recycled Goggle: Achieving more sustainability

As a company, SCOTT has launched what is called Re-Source by SCOTT, a program to develop and promote sustainability within the company. So far, further resource-efficiently designed products from the program have been integrated into SCOTT's apparel lines. The Shield Recycled is one of a series of products in the hardware division and more are to follow. Sustainable thinking also surrounds the product: its packaging is made from cut grass from Europe and thus also only needs to be transported over shorter distances.

Here's what the ISPO Award jury had to say about the SCOTT Shield Recycled goggle:
"The Shield Recycled concept is a very good step in the world of circular products. SCOTT collected old SCOTT goggles last year that had exceeded their useful life, then recycled the frames into new goggle frames. The exciting concept manages to minimize environmental impact and produce more sustainable ski goggles."
Robert Semmann, Collaborators Club Member & Jury Member

Five reasons why the SCOTT Shield Recycled ski goggles convinced the ISPO Award jury:

  • over 60% of the weight is made from eco-materials
  • completely recycled frame material
  • nylon goggle strap made from 100% recycled material
  • old goggles are turned into new ones
  • super contrast and extra-wide field of vision of the goggles


Key data:

Material: 100% recycled TPU frame and 100% recycled nylon strap.
Available in stores from: October 2022
MSRP: €129.90

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