ISPO Award 2019

Awardees Snowsports

In the Snowsports segment, the awarded products focus on fun and safety. Fascinating new developments in helmets and avalanche backpacks as well as the intelligent integration of digital device, sports product and user support winter sports athletes. There is a great focus also on a safe, comfortable and enjoyable skiing experience both on and off the slopes: The footwear and winter sportswear, which won the ISPO Award, is characterized above all by optimum thermoregulation. And of course the snow sports segment would not be complete without the most innovative skis, ski boots, snowboards  and accessories.

Experience the highlight products of the exhibiting brands at ISPO Award in hall B1 and at their respective booths.

Awarded products showcased at ISPO Munich:

Further awarded products

(not displayed at ISPO Munich)



MR.SNOW - Textile Ski Trail




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