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Rottefella - MOVE™ Switch Kit

When cross-country skiing, good grip, and glide are absolutely essential. Rottefella MOVE™ allows you to "shift gears" without taking off your skis. All you need to do is twist the MOVE™ Switch for better grip and better glide. With the new adaptor-plates, you can mount Rottefella MOVE™ on almost every ski.

Available from: already on the market

Retail Price: 160.00 EUR

Jury Statement

"With the Move Switch system, classic skis in particular can be easily adapted to the respective conditions on the move without the need of taking the skis off."

Mario Felgenhauer,


Cross-country kit.

MOVE™ Kit is easy to use and to install, without the use of tools or other equipment. The different adaptor plates and binding are designed to fit the different mounting plates in the market allowing you to install the MOVE™ kit and upgrade your skies with the latest, most innovative product in the cross-country universe, both on new and older skies.