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The MINIMIST skins achieve an ultralight feel by using high-performance textiles from other demanding sports applications, resulting in climbing skins that exceed the highest expectations for features and performance. MINIMIST skins are up to 30% lighter than its competition, and they pack small enough to fit into your jacket pocket. A carbon fiber insert at the tip of each skin creates a rigid platform that prevents snow creep.

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Retail Price: 171.42 EUR

Jury Statement

"We liked the skin’s neat overall design and that is so light and features a carbon stiffener."

Mathieu Ros, Editions Nivéales / SkiMagazin / SnowSurf


Lightweight skin.

G3 tries to push the limits of how light skins can be without sacrificing any performance. G3 explored materials & different engineering technics, looking beyond what has traditionally been done in order to make a lightweight skin. The MINIMIST uses materials and technics that has never been seen in a skin before.

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