Pushing boundaries: Why trail running brings a good change of pace to your workouts

Running away from paved roads, enjoying nature and also collecting a few meters of altitude? You don't need much more than your usual running equipment. If you like to discover new corners in your running training, trail running can be a good change from your usual running sessions.

Discover the same sport from a new angle

Trail running has become a megatrend in recent years. Trail running uses different muscles than road running, engages all the senses and challenges mental and physical health. Everything you need to know about the trail running megatrend and how to get started, we at ISPO.com will tell you.

Extreme running in the Karwendel

Markus Schroth, a former professional soccer player, finds a new passion in trail running and likes to challenge himself to the extreme: He takes part in an extreme run through the Karwendel mountains. To be mastered: around 120 kilometers and 8,000 meters of altitude.

The right technique is important

If you are new to trail running, good technique is key. With the right technique you can avoid injuries and improve your performance.

Mountain running has many benefits for overall fitness and mental health. You get faster, enjoy the moment and in the long run you learn how to deal with setbacks and you become more relaxed and balanced.

Trail running is healthy for the soul and the body

There are many reasons why trail running is healthy: trail running not only makes you fit if you do it regularly, but it is also a real benefit for the soul.

  • Trail running allows you to fully concentrate on yourself, discovering new places that you might not have visited otherwise.
  • The breathtaking landscape lets you forget all the worries of everyday life: You're in the here and now, and that's all that really matters.
  • A trail running session is always a special experience and, depending on the conditions, sometimes more, sometimes less strenuous: it's probably never boring.
  • Trail running also reduces stress and promotes your mental health.

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