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Outstanding Products 2019

What does Outstanding Products mean?

The award label “Outstanding Product” honors outstanding achievements across all product categories. The products of the outdoor industry often set standards - the award label offers these highly innovative milestones and industry trends a communicative stage.


The industry trends for 2019 chosen by the Outstanding Outdoor jury panel:


Comfort Performance






Urban Outdoor


Outstanding Comfort Performance


It became clear across all product categories that product performance no longer has to be at the expense of wearing comfort or the feel of the materials. FUTURELIGHT offers enormous breathability and weather protection at the same time: even under very sweaty conditions, the jacket offers a dry interior climate as well as excellent haptics and thus unimagined comfort.


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Outstanding Lightness


Weight saving is one of the core competencies of the outdoor industry, where the outstanding craftsmanship and the technological maturity of the industry is most noticeable. This harness for (ski) mountaineers offers a real world premiere: The patented construction of the harness, which weighs only 120 g, uses an innovative loop technique for fastening and for the first time completely dispenses with metal and conventional buckles.

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Outstanding Sustainability

Vaude Redmont 1L Jacket

Our passion for nature brings with it the desire to preserve it for future generations. This challenge affects all of us - every time we go outside. The combination of GOTS-certified organic wool and dyeing from natural raw materials is doubly sustainable: production requires fewer pesticides and the natural colours do not impede the biological degradation process of the cotton as is the case with synthetic colours.

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Outstanding Urban Outdoor

adidas Myshelter Parley Jacket

The outdoor mentality is not limited to physically immersing oneself in nature. It is also a place of fantasy, a dream to reconnect with nature, a dream that is alive even in the densest urban jungle. The adidas MYSHELTER PARLEY shows how outstanding outdoor performance and urban lifestyle fit together. Thanks to its three-layer, yet highly breathable construction and refined details, the jacket is ideal for an active urban lifestyle.

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