Outstanding Lightness

Why Lightness?

Weight reduction is one of the core competencies of the outdoor industry, where the outstanding craftsmanship and technological maturity of the industry is most directly tangible. Being released from the weight of products, we can enjoy the perception of our natural surroundings even better.




Lightweight equipment is always an advantage in the outdoor sector - the less you feel your material, the freer you can move. Especially when climbing, this is a decisive factor. Petzl launches the Fly, a climbing harness that offers little hanging comfort but is extremely light. This is made possible by dispensing with metal parts. The belt consists only of textile material and plastic - without sacrificing safety. The Fly is equipped with gear loops and ice screw holders. The Petzl also scores in handling: it is easy to put on and take off - even if you stand on the ground with both feet or wear boots with crampons. The lightweight Petzl Fly is ideal for ski mountaineering and mountaineering.

Available from: January 2020

Retail price: 100,00 EUR

Jury Statement

"The Petzl Fly harness is the first harness to use only textile parts and plastic closure points. Elimination of metal reduces weight and reduces points of weakness."

Alexandra Schweikart, Mountaineer & Product Test Manager, Outdoor Content Hub


Product Specifications

Cut range: Unisex


Size range: S, M, L



Product Insights

Game changer on his category

Petzl Fly - Packing size

Compact packing size

Ultra-lightweight and compact, thanks to innovative construction without buckle and with comfort options, it weighs only 120 g (size S)

Petzl Fly - Comfort

Comfort options

Construction with removable comfort pad to adjust the level of comfort or level of weight (minimizing weight to only 90 g).

Petzl Fly - Gear Holder

Carry all

Multiple gear loops and ice-screw retainers can transport all the equipment required on technical outings.

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ZI Crolles, cidex 105A

38920 Crolles


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