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ISPO Award winners that put women in the spotlight

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"Shrink it and pink it" was yesterday! The female body is more complex than products designed for men can simply be adapted in color and size. Many brands are already focusing on products that ergonomically adapt optimally to the female body and pick up the female target group. introduces you to ten ISPO Award winning products that show how equality works when it comes to sports products.


Expedition Arctic Pro

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EXPEDITION ARCTRIC PRO by Devold is made exclusively from the natural fibers merino wool and silk. Together with the Norwegian researcher Børge Ousland, the baselayer was developed for optimal insulation in a harsh and extremely cold climate. The two fibers are combined into three different knitting technologies to take advantage of all the benefits of merino wool fiber and provide an optimal fit to different body zones through body mapping.

  1. Wool Terry - The soft and thick material covers the upper body around the heart, as this is where the most insulation is needed.
  2. 2-layer wool knit with silk - This combination makes up the main part of the baselayer. The merino wool is in the inner layer, where as the outer layer is a blend of the wool and silk, so moisture can be moved from the inside to the outside.
  3. Merino wool mesh - In the sweat zones, under the arms as well as on the lower back, there is a mesh made of merino wool, which transports moist air and sweat to the outside and keeps the body surface dry.

The product is specially made in a female as well as male variant.



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This baselayer from Ternua begeseitert due to the seamless technology not only with its chic design. The SEAL L/S T-SHIRT is also a master in terms of sustainability. The material is recycled nylon, which consists of discarded fishing nets, collected in Spain. The yarn was developed together with Antex, a Spanish technology partner and yarn specialist and are Oeko-Tex certified. The baselayer is then produced in Ternua's factory in Spain. This keeps the entire value chain in just one country.

And that's not all: in addition, an anti-odor finish from HeiQ is used, which fights body odor on textiles and regenerates with every wash.

The product is developed separately for both sexes to match in design as well as color and is specifically tailored to both body shapes.


Calima Carbon Cloud

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As light as a cloud and made just for women: at only 175 grams per pole, Komperdell's trekking poles are 40 percent lighter than conventional equipment, making them one of the lightest trekking poles on the market. Calima Carbon Cloud consists of an ultra-light carbon pole, which makes the enormous weight reduction possible. In addition, the carbon shafts are particularly break-resistant and the slim handle made of cork is comfortable in the hand due to its ergonomic shape. just as durable as aluminum shafts - this significantly extends the life of the poles

Sustainability is also a top priority at Komperdell. The entire production is located in Austria, the company achetet on resource-saving, plastic-free packaging and thanks to the highest production quality and a free repair service, Komperdell extends the life cycle of its products significantly.


MADE Apparel

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MADE Apparel

No sizes, no genders and no market segment. With the perfect fit and design guaranteed for each individual, MADE is the most inclusive and sustainable clothing line in the outdoor industry.

MADE's custom design concept is unique. Users can not only customize the color, but the complete fit as well as all features like zippers, pockets and powder puffs. An online-based and AI-supported system makes it possible: By means of a digital screenshot, the customer is measured and the garment is created based on this individual data.

This not only means the perfect fit and features, but this form of production also wastes significantly fewer resources, as only what the customer actually needs is produced. In addition, MADE Apparel only uses recycled and recyclable materials such as Sympatex and A-grade leftover Polartec Neoshell.



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Athletes often use different types of ski boots, for example for racing and training, which requires different bindings. The GR OLYMPIC TOUR, however, adapts perfectly to any boot thanks to the Microshift function in the heel.

The lightest ski touring binding in its category also has climbing aids with two height levels and is adjustable from 6 to 10 in Z-value, taking into account female or lighter skiers.


SCOTT Pure Tour Skis

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SCOTT focuses on the megatrends of the industry - versatility and sustainability. And they prove it with the Pure Tour Ski. The all-round ski is suitable for any adventure, from touring to freeriding to the slopes. The secret recipe of the miracle ski: a shorter radius, the longer rocker and the new shovel shape. Thanks to the shape of the touring ski, any terrain can be mastered in all conditions.

In addition, the materials have been selected so that the ski is as sustainable as possible.

For women, a special model has been developed to adapt to lighter riders.


Elan Primetime 55 FusionX

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Youthful design combined with modern construction process - The Elan Primetime 55 FusionX provides a unique carving experience. The strategic concept of the ski maximizes control, performance and precision thanks to Power Match Technology. The technology is based on the unique profile of the left and right ski and gives the skier more natural control over the inside and outside edges.

This product also shines with its sustainability. It is based on graphics made from eco-friendly digital printing technology, the materials are natural and recycled, and less material is used thanks to unique 3D shape.

"These are the most intuitive skis I've ever skied. They feel like an extension of my body."


Mythic G Jacket

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The Mythic G Jacket is for all alpinists for whom every gram counts.

Rab combines an ultra-light construction with 1000FP down filling and a titanium TILT lining. The "Thermo Ionic Lining Technology" is a fabric treatment on the inside of the jacket lining that reflects the released body heat back and thus improves the heat retention. This is positioned by body mapping on the torso and sleeves to maximize warmth and breathability and reduce hot spots. The down jacket is especially lightweight due to the 7D-Atmos™ nylon ripstop fabric with fluorocarbon-free DWR on the outside and a 7D ripstop nylon with TILT on the inside.

The women's specific fit of the Rab Women's Mythic G Jacket maximizes comfort and provides optimal freedom of movement.


Mythic Ultra Jacket

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Rab inspires with two warm and functional down jackets for women at once. This top model combines the heat-reflecting TILT technology with an outer material made of recycled Pertex® Quantum fabric and a 900FP down filling.

Again, body mapping allows for heat retention on the torso and high freedom of movement on the arms.

The Mythic Ultra Jacket is available in gender-specific variants and the women's model inspires with the ultra-light weight of only 499 grams.


Cinder Phantom Jacket

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Rank 10 is also occupied by Rab. With the Cinder Phantom Jacket, the brand projects its experience in developing fine mountaineering collections onto bike wear. The minimalist jacket offers everything you need and is also one of the lightest waterproof cycling jackets in the industry, weighing less than 100 grams. The jacket fits the body like a second skin thanks to 7D Pertex®Shield 2.5-layer fabric with stretch, and its slim fit optimizes performance.

The women's version is available in sizes 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and in Women's Ebony and Red Grapefruit.

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