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ISPO Award Winner 2022: Elan Primetime 55 Ski

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The Elan Primetime 55 reignites the excitement for the on-piste carving category by a new technological and design philosophy - and convinced the ISPO Award Jury.

Although some say, it has never left, you can spot a trend in on-piste carving, bringing a new playfulness to a well-known pleasure. The Elan Primetime reignites the excitement for the on-piste carving category by injecting a youthful design philosophy combined with a state-of-the-art construction process. With Power Match Technology, the construction of the ski is matched to how the skier puts the power to the snow, allowing the skier more natural control of the inside and outside edges for the most intuitive feel throughout the turn. Its new technology allows the skier to have a playful, yet effortless carving experience. It also has been strategically designed to maximize control, performance, and accuracy. But with ease.

Carefully Selected Materials and Consumer-centered Development

The technology of the ski and its carefully selected materials are based on a consumer-centered development approach. The best consumer skiing experience is a prime goal here. And the feedback from early testers of the Primetime range has been prime, too. From »these are the most intuitive skis I have ever skied on. They feel like an extension of my body«, to »In the turns the edge grip was phenomenal, yet the skis were very playful. After the whole day of skiing, my only thought was: I just wanted more time with them«, to simply »This ski is FUN!«, the testers were really excited about all the models in the series and of course the Primetime 55, which is the speed demon of the collection.

Elan Primetime skis bring back the excitement in on-piste carving
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Toni Konrad Vogel

Igor Sedmak, ski instructor and trainer in St. Moritz, Switzerland and Ski Portillo, Chile, describes the Primetime 55 as follows. »This is a great ski and my favorite Primetime model. If I had to choose just one ski to take with me for a ski trip, not heli-skiing, this is the one. Geometrically it is very well-balanced with the perfect turn radius. The look is exceptional, thin but solid construction, good grip on hard snow, almost running base, and easy-to-handle playful feeling are just a few highlights.«

The skis are handcrafted in the Slovenian Alps using 100% green energy in the production process. Graphics are produced using digital print tech that is environmentally friendly and where Elan significantly reduces VOC and improves working conditions for its employees. Large parts of the ski are made from natural and recycled materials and there is less material used due to the unique 3D shape.


The Primetime 55 offers a new construction and design for on-piste speed demons
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Nice Edge Grip and Effortless Turns

Primetime is designed to deliver more natural control over both inside and outside edges for effortless turns, which is also why they come with a left and right ski construction. By placing stronger material where you need it (over the inside edges), and less, lighter material where you don't, on piste performance is elevated for an exact and balanced feel that requires less effort and delivers a high-energy and a playful ride. What Elan calls Power Match technology, comes from the unique profile of the left and right ski and allows the skier to put more natural control on the inside and outside edges by construction - for a more intuitive feel throughout the turn. The ski is matched to how the skier puts the power to the snow, allowing accurate and precise but also fun and playful turns. The Primetime 55 also features a dual density wood core, a racing sidewall as well ASL titanium reinforcement for better edge control.


"I like the fact that this ski is only 69 mm wide, which allows quick edge change and still performs exceptionally well and floats enough in fresh powder and choppy snow. Mostly it doesn’t feel like a race ski, but with its high-speed stability, low chattering, and minimum vibration, it comes quite close.” (Igor Sedmak, ski instructor and trainer, St. Moritz, Switzerland and Ski Portillo, Chile)

Here’s what the jury had to say about the Elan Primetime 55:

“The Elan Primetime 55 Fusion X is here to celebrate on-piste skiing. Combining sophisticated technology with a modern design and the use of more sustainable materials, this ski means fantastic carving without dusty demeanor.” ISPO Award Jury

Reasons why the Elan Primetime 55 convinced the ISPO Award jury:

  • Eco-friendly materials from natural and recycled resources
  • Lightweight yet powerful construction
  • More control over inside and outside edges
  • For both high-energy and playful turns

Product Specs:

  • Amphibio-Technology with left and right ski
  • Geometry: 121 / 69 / 102
  • Lengths: 144, 151, 158, 165, 172, 179 cm
  • RRP: €999,95
  • Available from October 2023
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