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How to train for a sports year without competitions? Sandra Mastropietro gives tips.
Cancelled running events, postponed competitions - Corona is also making a big mess of the sports calendar for amateur runners. blogger Sandra Mastropietro explains in her column how to stay fit despite disappearing training goals.

Restart, but properly! ISPO blogger Sandra Mastropietro's thoughts on the new beginning after Corona.
ISPO blogger Sandra Mastropietro is not only a trail runner but also a mental trainer. In view of the restart in the Corona crisis, she calls out in her series on : Let's do it right this time!

As a trail runner and mental trainer, Sandra Mastropietro knows very well about the positive effects of sport on body and mind and is happy about all the new (running) athletes that the corona crisis brings forth. Her observation, however: The rules of etiquette seem to fall by the wayside more and more in the growing community. For the ISPO blogger this is the occasion to call for outdoor etiquette in part 5 of her series at

Marina and Sandra Mastropietro.
Sandra Mastropietro, like many others, has to balance home office and homeschooling. In part 3 of her series at she found the perfect interview partner for the needs and wishes of children in Corona times: her eight-year-old daughter.