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(Promotion) TengFei is not your average garment producer. They are a technical company, driven by innovation and experts on the field of seamless clothing, 3D printing and smart apparel. And TengFei won’t limit their wearable technologies to just sports. It actually can save lives too.

An App that can provide and analyze data within seconds.
Barely anyone knows what is meant by the term SportsTech. talked to Christoph Sonnen, co-founder and CEO of leAD Sports, in order to understand what SportsTech is about and why technology is the future of sports. You can gain even more insights on this topic at the ISPO Munich 2019.

Off to the team board: These boards ensure versatile team events and group fun. Depending on the manufacturer, they are available in different sizes, depending on how many people should have space: usually from four to ten Stand up paddlers.
Stand-Up Paddling Paddling offers balance: No matter if at the sea, at the river or at the lake - or also in whitewater. However, if you want to buy a SUP you need to clarify a few questions. With regard to the nature of the board, but also because of the subsoil and its own abilities. More information can be found in the picture gallery.

Motiv tracks your fitness, heart rate and sleep in the shape of a stylish metal ring
In todays fast-paced life, it is all the more important to take care of your body and preventively monitor your health conditions. But how to? There is a number of exciting companies who encourage wearers living a healthier lifestyle with products that come in different shapes than the usual fitness tracker wristband.

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The Tmx Trigger counteracts adhesions and muscular or fascial imbalances.
A fit body isn’t the same as a healthy body. For many years, equipment manufacturers have been launching products that work for gyms and physical therapists alike. But do fitness trainers and health therapists really work together successfully, and just what concepts even make sense? in a talk with industry experts.

Boardsport has remained the focus of Blue Tomato to this day.
Blue Tomato is one of the leading board sports retailers in the German-speaking countries and is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. The company from Austria has never lost touch with its target group. talked to the new CEO Adam Ellis about the Blue Tomato success story and the future challenges.