Off to the team board: These boards ensure versatile team events and group fun. Depending on the manufacturer, they are available in different sizes, depending on how many people should have space: usually from four to ten Stand up paddlers.
Stand-Up Paddling Paddling offers balance: No matter if at the sea, at the river or at the lake - or also in whitewater. However, if you want to buy a SUP you need to clarify a few questions. With regard to the nature of the board, but also because of the subsoil and its own abilities. More information can be found in the picture gallery.

What do surfing legend Robby Naish and today's action sports giant GoPro have in common? Both made their first steps as start-ups also thanks to ISPO Brandnew. Prior to the 30th edition of the start-up award at ISPO Munich 2018, we show previous winners.