Commuting. Experience the future of mobility at the IAA Mobility

  • We are all constantly on the move. Modern urbanity, that is an active lifestyle and flexibility.

  • The challenge: climate change, space scarcity and record congestion require new solutions.

  • Experience the commuting of the futurefrom September 7 to 12 at the IAA MOBILITY in Munich!

Commuting by bike: Sustainable and increasingly comfortable

If you commute to work by bike, you're not only doing something for your own fitness and the environment, you're also saving money in Germany. Because the state commuter allowance applies to cyclists just as it does to car drivers, while the annoying look at fuel prices is no longer necessary. And with apps and gadgets, cycling is more comfortable and safe than ever. We present gadgets that make the way to work a pleasure.

At the IAA Mobility from 10 to 12 September, you can discover the latest bike trends from over 50 exhibitors and test them out for yourself. From e-bikes to classic bicycles, suppliers will be presenting their innovations.

IAA MOBILITY: What will move us next

Experience the future of mobility from 7 to 12 September 2021 in Munich:

  • IAA MOBILITY Summit: 6 days full of world premieres and industry innovations.
  • IAA MOBILITY Open Space: unique vehicles and technologies from well-known brands and exhibitors at Munich's most beautiful locations
  • IAA MOBILITY Conference: one of the world's largest dialogue platforms on mobility topics
  • IAA MOBILITY Blue Lane: future and sustainable mobility solutions on the test track through Munich

How cities are making bike commuting easier

Whether parking spaces for bikes, particularly comfortable cycle paths or bike sharing services: More and more cities are now making it easier to commute by bike through forward-looking urban planning. The Copenhagenize Index provides information about the ten most bicycle-friendly cities in the world.

Afraid of theft? How to protect your bike

Besides the worry of arriving at work sweaty, the fear of bike theft is one of the most frequently mentioned reservations against regular commuting by bike. There are now many different locks for bicycles and e-bikes. To protect your bike from theft as effectively as possible, you should follow these tips:

  • It's best to lock your bike in a public place with lots of passers-by. Hidden corners without observation are paradise for thieves.
  • Always lock the frame as well. If you only lock the front wheel to an object, the worst that can happen is that the rest of the bike will be missing when you return.
  • Attach the lock as high up on the bike as possible. This makes it more difficult for thieves to use the bottom for more leverage when picking the lock with tools.
  • Use several locks if possible.
  • Only secure your bike to solid objects that are at least as resistant as the lock or wheel material.

E-bikes make commuting easier than ever

In Germany alone, two million electric bikes were sold in 2020. The triumph of e-bikes is also changing everyday working life. Because the bikes with electric motors are getting even former bike doldrums on the saddle. So e-bikes are making commuting easier than ever.

Commuting as a stress factor

A study by theResearch Institute on the Future of Workconcludes that people who commute regularly feel unhealthier and visit doctors more often. Especially with regular commutes by car, the health perception suffers. In addition, commuters by car were found to have a higher Body Mass Index (BMI) than commuters by public transport or non-commuters.

Traffic jam danger! 10 horror cities for commuters



Congestion hours/year

3New York100

Source: Inrix 2020 Global Traffic Scorecard

Home Office: Relief for the road - but also for the body?

The coronavirus has been forcing many employers to rethink and employees into the home office for over a year now. For the road, a huge relief. Tom Tom diagnosed a year-over-year decrease in traffic in 387 cities surveyed in his 2020 Traffic Index. It increased in only 13 cities. But working from home can become a strain mentally and physically. We provide valuable tips for healthy and efficient remote working.

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