The Most Popular Sports and Fitness Apps for Every Training Goal

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From strength and endurance training, to running and jogging, to healthy eating - the selection of sports training apps is huge. Evaluation and planning functions of a well-chosen sport and health application make training not only for beginners much more structured and motivating, but also help professionals in training and nutrition analysis. We have tested the most popular sports apps.

Frau trainiert mit Fitness-App
Fitness apps are a possible companion for almost every fitness training

Fitness Training - Get Fit at Home

There are a lot of online fitness apps you can use to start training at home. Yes, if you want to keep fit, increase your strength and endurance or build up muscles, you don't necessarily have to go to the gym. Best fitness applications have long offered great bodyweight training programs for home. We’ve collected the most effective fitness apps to make your workouts productive. Here are some of them.

1.1. Freeletics Training

The Freeletics Training Coach has become almost the epitome of fitness training without weights. The premium version offers numerous bodyweight and HIIT workouts and individual training plans. But also gym, running and mindset training are available. A fitness app for real all-round athletes who want to stay flexible and stay fit in all areas.

The prices for the pro membership are 34,99 Euro quarterly, 59,99 Euro semi-annually and end at 79,99 Euro for a one-year subscription. There are discounts for a combination subscription with the corresponding Freeletics Nutrition App.

Freeletics Training Screenshots
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Freeletics/App Store

1.2. Athlagon

Athlagon does not work like classic fitness training. In the fitness app developed by sports scientists and physiotherapists, instead of the usual home workouts about 180 tests can be completed. Once you have passed all the tests of one level, you move on to the next level. In addition, every week there are new challenges that have to be mastered and thus motivate you. The bodyweight exercises are explained in great detail by the developers to minimize the risk of injury.

The free basic membership only includes strength endurance exercises. If you want to unlock maximum strength, endurance, speed, agility and coordination, you can invest 34.99 euros for a 3-month subscription. Alternatively, 6 months are available for 44.99 euros and a full year for 64.99 euros.

Athlagon Fitness App Screenshots
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Athlagon/App Store

1.3. Nike Training Club

If you want to train with famous athletes, choose the Nike Training Club App. In more than 200 versatile programs and workouts, stars like Christiano Ronaldo, Mario Götze and Serena Williams provide the necessary motivation. Besides strength and endurance workouts, Nike also offers exercises for stress reduction and yoga.

And: The programs that were once only available with the paid premium subscription are now available for free to all Nike members.

Nike Training Club Fitness App Screenshots
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Nike/App Store

1.4. Seven - Quick At Home Workouts

Not much time for daily fitness training? No problem. With the "Seven - Quick At Home Workouts" fitness app, as the name suggests, only about seven minutes per workout need to be invested. Based on scientific studies, the developers have created a fitness app with a program that is supposed to deliver results despite the shortest training duration. With over 200 bodyweight exercises, there is no lack of variety.

Training programs can be purchased in the app for 9.99 euros each. In addition, a 7 Club membership is available in different levels from one month (from 9.99 euros) to one year (from 59.99 euros).

Seven Fitness App Screenshots
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Perigee/App Store

1.5. Asana Rebel

Get fit with yoga - Asana Rebel is a fitness app for yoga enthusiastic men and women who want to keep fit using their passion. The over one hundred workouts are completely based on yoga exercises and can be divided into five selectable categories: Fatburn, Strength, Flexibility, Balance & Focus and Breathe & Relax offer a training for all yoga fans and cover every conceivable training goal.

The numerous in-app purchases and subscription offers range from €15.99 to €90.99.

Asana Rebel App Screenshots
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Asana Rebel/App Store

Running Apps - Route Tracking and Training Evaluation Made Easy

Running and jogging have always been particularly popular sporting activities. They increase endurance and burn calories. But although the sport is technically relatively simple and you hardly need any training plans or exercises, it’s better to use professional apps for running which are able to evaluate your progress during the training. The following section presents the most popular running apps currently available.

2.1. Asics Runkeeper

Runkeeper is the all-round app for all those who like to be active on their feet. With route and workout tracking, it offers an evaluation not only for the running round, but also for the hiking tour or the leisurely walk.

You don't have to do without training plans either. Running distance and training intensity are continuously increased by running programs adapted to the own fitness level. Setting personal goals and evaluating progress in the app helps you to stay motivated.

The full version is available for 9,99 Euro monthly, 19,99 Euro quarterly or 39,99 Euro annually.

Asics Runkeeper Fitness App Screenshots
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Asics Digital/App Store

2.2. Adidas Runtastic

Adidas Runtastics works similar to Runkeeper. Fitness activities are recorded and analysed. Besides running rounds, other sports activities can also be recorded. Those who want to motivate themselves take part in challenges or share their successes with the Runtastic community.

Special training plans cost between 9.99 Euro and 59.99 Euro.

Adidas Runtastics Running App Screenshots
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Adidas/App Store

2.3. Strava

With Strava, routes can not only be tracked, but also planned before the run. In addition to the recording and evaluation functions, the fitness app also provides a route planning function. Your progress can then be shared with the community, including inspiring proof photos.

The app focuses on running, jogging and cycling, but is not limited to these activities. There are also functions for sports such as swimming, hiking, skiing, climbing, surfing and yoga.

With a monthly subscription price of 7.99 Euro and an annual subscription for 59.90 Euro, the app is comparatively inexpensive.

Strava Running App Screenshots
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Strava/App Store

Nutrition - Nutrient Trackers and Nutrition Plans

Every athlete knows that nutrition is at least as important for physical fitness as exercise. An appropriate supply of nutrients and calories is essential for optimal training results and fast regeneration. Both beginners and professionals can use the best nutrition apps to track the number of calories consumed to achieve the desired result.  You can choose the best nutrition application after testing the options suggested below.

3.1. Freeletics Nutrition

In addition to training, Freeletics does not let its users down, even with the right nutrition. With the motto "Eat clean" the nutrition coach of Freeletics Nutrition offers individual nutrition plans for every activity level, every fitness goal and all eating habits. With access to all recipes, users can also spontaneously try out numerous new, healthy dishes.

The nourishing coach is available for 34,99 Euro every three months, 59.99 Euro for six months or 79.99 Euro annually. Those who additionally use the Freeletics Training App get a discount in a combination subscription.

Freeletics Nutrition Fitness App Screenshots
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Freeletics/App Store

3.2. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal makes calorie counting and nutrient tracking easy. Daily nutrition goals can be set and tracked in the app. With features such as the barcode scanner and a database of over 6 million foods, it only takes a few minutes a day to record your meals. In addition, the app offers numerous healthy recipes, its own community, personalized goals and evaluation reports, and synchronization with over 50 fitness apps and devices, including Strava, Runkeeper, Apple Health, Fitbit and Garmin.

The monthly price for the premium features is 9.99 Euro. The annual subscription costs 49.99 Euro.

Screenshots aus der MyFitnessPal Fitness App
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MyFitnessPal/App Store