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eSports is booming and the professional players are well-known stars. The prize money is also getting closer and closer to that of the professionals in classic sports. But how much do the players earn exactly? This is the ranking of the top 10 most successful eSports pros of all time.

eSports Teams
In the numerous competitions of the various games, the participants play for sometimes large prize money. But they don't do it alone. There are numerous eSports teams that compete against each other in the various games. This is the ranking of the top 5 eSports teams in the world according to prize money earned.

Fitness ist unerlässlich für eSports-Höchstleistungen wie von Fnatic beim CS:GO Dreamhack Masters 2019.
Especially in the current time, when consoles and PCs at home are used more and more, sufficient fitness for ambitious gamers is especially important for optimal performance. takes a closer look at the profession of eSports and shows exercises and methods that help eSports professionals not only stay healthy but also improve in-game performance.