ISPO Autor
Dominik Petermeier

SEO and Performance Marketing Manager

How can brands use eSports effectively to promote their brand and products? In his presentation at ISPO Munich Online, Stefan Ponikva, Vice President Brand Experience at BMW, will provide insights into BMW's eSports marketing and show how the BMW brand has become successful in this new target group using the #UnitedInRivalry campaign.

eSports Teams
In the numerous competitions of various games, the participants play for high amounts of prize money. But they do not do this alone. There are numerous teams that compete against each other in the various eSports Games. This is the ranking of the top 5 eSports teams in the world according to earned prize money.

eSports is booming and the professional players are well-known stars. The prize money is also getting closer and closer to that of the professionals in classic sports. But how much do the players earn exactly? This is the ranking of the top 10 most successful eSports pros of all time.

Sports business
Sophia Rödiger in the keynote of the ISPO Re.Start Days
Crises come and go. They demand radical ways to adapt to new, difficult circumstances. Sophia Rödiger, Head of Global Transformation at Daimler Mobility and Co-Founder of MountainMinds, provides insights into how the subsidiary of Daimler AG is driving forward digitalization in times of the corona crisis and how other organisations can profit from change.