Outdoor by ISPO: "The Most Relevant Industry Meeting Place in Europe"

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OutDoor, Germany's leading trade fair for the outdoor industry, opens its doors for the first time in Munich in 2019 with a new concept. Numerous industry giants welcome the step and tell what the changes at OutDoor by ISPO mean for them and how they have influenced them themselves. Read the interview with Marc Fischer, Senior Director Adidas Terrex Europe.

US-Kletterer und Adidas-Testimonial Kai Lightner im Frankenjura.
US climber and Adidas testimonial Kai Lightner in the Franconian Jura.

From 30 June to 3 July 2019, the outdoor industry will meet for the first time at OutDoor by ISPO in Munich. The location is not the only thing new. The concept of OutDoor by ISPO, too, offers fresh impulses, which have also inspired the industry to new approaches, as Marc Fischer from Adidas Terrex reveals in an interview with ISPO.com: "We also want to go into the new concept and broaden horizons. We are planning to present more topics that are highly relevant for the trade, so that the dealers leave our stand with a clear know-how benefit."

OutDoor by ISPO: An Important Platform to Present Adidas Terrex

"Ever new horizons" is the new motto of OutDoor by ISPO. What do the change of location and the motto mean for you?
The OutDoor trade fair continues to be the most relevant industry meeting place in Europe. Despite ever earlier deadlines for the collection templates, budgets, collection width and depth and the implementation of concepts for the coming season are decided here. It is an important platform for presenting Adidas Terrex as an outdoor brand.

In addition, we would also like to go into the new concept and broaden horizons. We are planning to present more topics that are highly relevant for the trade, so that the dealers leave our stand with a clear know-how benefit.

Adidas Terrex Repositions Itself With Fresh Ideas

The term "outdoor" is undergoing a transformation. What does outdoor mean for you and your company?
Adidas is a sports brand. In this sense, we are also oriented towards the outdoor sector. We perceive a change in the shift in the boundaries between performance and fashion. Under the idea "From the Mountain to the Street" we have therefore repositioned ourselves. The aim is to dismantle barriers, bring consumers out of the cities and bring outdoor people into the cities.

The consumer is moving more into the foreground again. The industry agrees on this. How is this implemented at Terrex?
The consumer is the focus of everything we do. We have broken down our internal structures into our four core activities. Accordingly, the Trailrun, Climb, Bike and Hike areas are managed by teams of experts who can respond specifically to the needs of the various consumer groups.

Athletes and consumers are also an integral part of our creation process. In order to get to know our consumers even better, we use a special research tool in cooperation with the provider MakerSights. This tool allows us to gather real-time consumer feedback - whether on designs, materials, colour paths, functionality or price points - and implement it directly in our products.

About Adidas Terrex

Terrex is the outdoor division of the German sporting goods giant Adidas. According to Terrex, their target group is "all those who go their own way in nature, let their imagination run free and exceed their own expectations - be it climbing, cross-country skiing, mountain biking or various mountain sports".

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