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ISPO Award Winning Products With a Clear Idea - Uncompromisingly Strong!

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What do the lightest trekking pole on the market for even more outdoor fun for women, super-easy-to-use ski boots for toddlers, and a sports watch with tracking on aviation standards have in common? They are all dedicated to one clear idea and make no compromises for the best performance - and they are award-winning products of the ISPO Award 2022.

Women Specific

Specially developed for women

These products impress with top performance and features that are perfectly tailored to women - with clever solutions in product design or through unique lightness.



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An outdoor jacket with a cell phone pocket at chest level? What's a good idea for male alpinists is impractical for women and makes them shake their heads. Adidas takes the opposite approach with its TERREX TECHROCK LIGHT GORE-TEX JACKET and thinks women first: the jacket pockets are tailored to the female body, making it functional for truly everyone. In addition, Adidas relies on soft feel and supple fabrics for its fabrics. The high-cut collar as well as the helmet-compatible hood also help to ensure that the neck region, which is particularly sensitive in women, remains protected from wind and weather.

But with its lightness for fast ascents and unobstructed view of the harness thanks to the new, innovative zipper from YKK, the adidas TERREX TECHROCK LIGHT GORE-TEX JACKET is not just a highlight for women.


RAB Cinder Phantom Jacket

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For cycling adventures on and especially off the road, the RAB Cinder Phantom Jacket is the perfect choice. It is available for men and women - and it is precisely this flexibility that RAB has already thought of in the development of the jacket: product designers and professional athletes have ensured in countless tests that technologies, fits and designs meet the needs of highly ambitious female bikers.

And: With the lightweight pack sack, the jacket is effortlessly packed to save ultra space and can be easily attached to the bike frame with a clip system. Thus, it is the perfect companion on every bike tour.


Komperdell Calima Carbon Cloud

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The Austrian outdoor brand Komperdell has developed the Calima Carbon Cloud, the lightest trekking poles ever. The poles weigh 40 percent less than conventional trekking poles. And this thanks to the development with full focus on the target group women: adjustable to a height of 90 to 120 cm, the trekking poles with a pack size of 57 cm are real space savers. In addition, the comfortable cork grip and the soft woven grip band offer the best comfort especially for women's hands.

Prof. Dr. Martina Wengenmeir, jury member ISPO Award 2022, praises: "Lightness is a big topic, not only for women's products. The super-light Komperdell Calima Carbon Cloud was so well received by the jury because of its design that the men among us would also like to take the pole with them on their tours."

Easy Entry

This is how you get started in sport

These products simply remove entry hurdles and motivation holes for the sport - whether bad weather, pain on the bike or shoe stress for kids.


Fischer ONE & TWO

Easy entry from toddler age is made possible by Fischer with its Fischer ONE & TWO ski boots. The otherwise often torturous putting on and taking off of ski boots for kids becomes child's play thanks to the wide opening of the gaiter and the inner boot. Thanks to the child-friendly zipper at the front of the gaiter and the Velcro closure to adjust the width, even small children can put on the boot without help b. The target group for the Fischer ONE & TWO are kids aged two to eight years. For them, the Fischer ski boot could also become a ticket to a ski school: Because they often only accept children who can independently put on and take off their ski boots.


Adidas TERREX Free Hiker XPL Gore-Tex Parley Boot

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With the Free Hiker XPL Gore-Tex Parley Boot, Adidas TERREX achieves the perfect balance of functional outdoor shoe and urban design. Thanks to its stylish design and the design primarily for light hikes, the shoe is perfect for outdoor beginners. "Adidas has thought of everything with this hiking shoe. It is not only lightweight, sustainable and comfortable, but also convinces with its super design. Young hikers will consider wearing this shoe even in their free time," praises Jens Häußler, ISPO Award 2022 Jury Member.

And: Adidas TERREX relies here on the new, more sustainable Gore-Tex membrane ePE made of expanded polyethylene. It is just as durable and functional as the previous Gore-Tex membrane made of PTFE, but lighter and free of environmentally harmful PFCs.


BOSIDENG Composite Structure Camping Down Jacket

Eight jackets in one - sounds crazy? But it is possible: with the Composite Structure Camping Down Jacket from BOSIDENG and the Chinese design agency IdéesKréatiOn R+I Design.

The camping down jacket's modular structure allows it to be transformed into at least eight different shapes, easily. This saves camping fans money and luggage. But how does it work? The base is a short-sleeved fleece top with a high collar and attached chest pocket with side zipper. Fold out the collar to reveal a face mask with attachments for the ears. A long-sleeved jacket can be worn over the top.

For more warmth, the padded strip of the top can be folded down. Do turns the jacket into a knee-length coat. In addition, there is the possibility of removing the over jacket and transform the garment into a dress. The lower part of the inner jacket can also be made into a scarf or a kind of vest.


BN3TH North Shore Chamois

When it comes to bike shorts for men, two things are most important: A good seat cushion and comfort in the crotch area. The Bike Liner North Shore Chamois of the Canadian brand BN3TH offers exactly that - and thus becomes a gamechanger for men who have so far preferred to leave the mountain bike or avoid the exercise bike because of pain or uncomfortable sitting position.

The design and material in the crotch prevents friction or compression, increasing comfort on the saddle even on the rockiest trails. In addition, the antibacterial IONIC+ fabric also inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria and ensures that the cycling shorts do not smell even after a strenuous tour.


ON Zero Jacket

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Going running in wind and weather has never been easier. The ON Zero Jacket in size S for women weighs just 51.8 grams. The men's version in size Medium is barely heavier at 60.6 grams. "The jacket is so light and compact that you no longer have to think about whether you should take it with you. It always finds a place anywhere and offers reliable protection from wind and rain," praises Dominic Rasp, jury member of the ISPO Award 2022.

Despite its lightness, the dragonfly wing-inspired Zero Jacket is a performance monster: water-repellent thanks to DWR coating, breathable, windproof, and quick-drying. And: The ON Zero Jacket is made of 100 percent recycled polyamide mini-ripstop fabric.

Digital & Connectivity

Digital solutions for sport

No half measures for the perfect training evaluation on trails, in the forest or on the rock thanks to high-tech with brains.


COROS VERTIX 2 Multisport

All relevant data at a glance all the time: In extreme situations, the VERTIX 2 provides a quick overview of all relevant data thanks to its generous display.
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This GPS Watch sets tracking standards: The VERTIX 2 from COROS offers unprecedented precision in positioning for any sport from shopping to cycling, hiking to mountaineering. Particularly in activities such as mountaineering and climbing, where centimeter-precise movements are essential, the VERTIX 2 delivers positional accuracy to aeronautical standards thanks to dual-frequency GNSS over the five main satellite systems. And it does so even in urban canyons, deep forests or even on rock faces. In addition, of course, measured values such as heart rate, steps, SpI2, pace, distance or time can be tracked. In addition, worldwide topographic maps are already preinstalled free of charge.

Another big plus of the COROS VERTIX 2: The gigantic battery life of 240 hours on one charge - one of the top values in the market segment.

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