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Award for Minimalist Running Jacket

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Lighter than half an apple and yet highly functional: the On Zero Jacket combines low weight with windproofness and breathability. The jury rewards the innovation from Switzerland with an ISPO Award 2022.

Thanks to its light weight, the wearer hardly feels the On Zero Jacket during sports - and is still protected from the wind.

The new Zero Jacket from On is light as a feather - and yet offers protection from the wind and wet while running. The jury of the ISPO Award 2022 liked the minimalist running jacket, which convinces with breathability, easy packability and an almost imperceptible feel.

The On Zero Jacket in the Twilight color scheme, the mesh insert at the armpits is set off in black.
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When developing the Zero Jacket, the Swiss sports brand aimed to reduce every detail to a minimum for maximum performance. The best running jacket 2022 should give the wearer an effortless feeling while running. The result is one of the top rated running jackets on the market. The Zero Jacket is made from 100 percent recycled polyamide mini-ripstop fabric and has been treated with a water-repellent DWR coating that is PFOS-free. The thin yet durable material appears almost transparent and makes the jacket very easy to stow.

The On Zero Jacket with the White/Meadow gradient comes with a black half zipper and black hem on the collar and cuffs. The jacket is available in women's and men's specific cuts.
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Inspired by Dragonfly Wing

The technologies used strike a balance between windproofness and breathability. The fabric has a weight of just 29 grams per square meter. Thanks to other extremely lightweight details such as the zipper tape, the Women Zero Jacket in size Small comes in at just 51.8 grams and the men's version in size Medium at 60.6 grams. On offers the Zero Jacket for men and women in the colors Twilight and White/Meadow.

With its minimalist look, the Zero Jacket also scores style points. On's design inspiration was the motto "Speed of Light" combined with influences from nature. "The Zero Jacket is an ultra-light running jacket whose appearance is reminiscent of the wings of a dragonfly. The color gradient also symbolizes the speed of movement," says Daniel Hanssler, Apparel Product Management Lead at On, summarizing the benefits of the jacket.

The Zero Jacket is designed for ambitious runners with high goals and a minimalist attitude. It is best suited for light, fast running and training in unpredictable weather. Then it protects against cold wind and rain and keeps the body warm in motion without burdening the runner with its weight.

Jury Statement:

"On's Zero Jacket lives up to its name. The jacket is so light and compact that you no longer have to think about whether to take it with you. It always and everywhere finds place and offers reliable protection from wind and rain. Its absolutely low weight, the one hundred percent recycled and thanks to Ripstop durable material and the futuristic design make it a faithful companion when running."
Dominic Rasp, ISPO Collaborators Club & Jury Member

The Functional Advantages of the On Zero Jacket at a Glance

  • Light weight

  • Breathable

  • Quick drying

  • Recycled materials

  • Water repellent

  • Windproof

Despite the body-hugging fit, the Zero Jacket gives enough freedom of movement to allow the runner maximum performance.
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Due to the recycled materials used, the Zero Jacket scored points with the ISPO Award jury in the areas of sustainability and material selection. The low weight and good stowability brought advantages in the weight/package size segment. The minimalist appearance also appealed and was rated as very practical by the jurors*. According to On Zero Jacket review, it is very suitable for running especially in spring and fall, when the weather is unstable and cool, and thus fulfills its intended use - a clear case for an ISPO Award 2022!

The Zero Jacket from On will be available in stores from March 3, 2022 at a price of EUR 159.95 in sizes XS to XL for women and S to XXL for men.

Statement On:

"We have reduced every detail to an absolute minimum, for example, the ultra-light zipper tape or the fact that the jacket fits in any pocket. Unpacked, the Zero Jacket unfolds its full potential by protecting against wind and water, thereby enabling the runner to achieve maximum performance. Those who try it will experience an effortless running experience."
Daniel Hanssler, Apparel Product Management Lead at On
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