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North Shore Chamois convinces with Pouch Technology

Comfort 2.0 – Next-Generation Cycling Liner

Canadian-based BN3TH Apparel is addressing male cyclists with its North Shore Chamois bike liner and an entirely new type of MTB-specific STS seat pad. The seat pad and a special pouch technology thereby offer an exciting combination of technology and a previously unknown comfort in cycling underwear.

The Canadian-based brand BN3TH convinced at the ISPO Award 2022 with the innovative North Shore Chamois, a cycling liner with "pouch" technology.

Two New Technologies Bring New Standard of Comfort

When it comes to fit and comfort, men's cycling tights and their seat pads are a chapter in themselves. The developers of the Canadian-based brand BN3TH Apparel thought so too and promptly launched a new patent: the padded cycling liner North Shore Chamois. The novelty of the underwear liners for cyclists: In the development process, the developers went thereby thoughtfully new ways in terms of comfort in cycling pants for men. Thus, the North Shore Chamois has a novel MTB-specific (Sea-to-Sky) STS pad and the patented 'MyPakage Pouch Technology'. This inventive spirit has now been rewarded by the ISPO Award jury. The manufacturers themselves are absolutely convinced of their product and are happy that their new development can have a high benefit for cycling.

"A new category in cycling liners has been created by us and a problem has been solved that urgently needed to be addressed throughout the industry. We developed a high-performance seat pad, which in combination with the pouch technology prevents persistent displacement of the genitals of the man. In this way, we were able to eliminate pain points that had previously been created. This makes it much easier for cyclists to simply concentrate on riding and enjoy it," the developers say of their motivations.

Comfort is the key while biking. Thanks to its special cut in the crotch and a sophisticated padding, the North Shore Chamois is a perfect fit in any situation.

Well Thought-Out Design Down to the Smallest Detail

To understand what the developers at BN3TH Apparel mean when they talk about a new way of developing seat pads, it's enough to look at the status quo. Most seat pads available are simply compressed, not considering the unique 3D design of the male anatomy. This is undoubtedly what was taken into consideration with the North Shore Chamois. Even beyond the seat pad, nothing is left to chance in the North Shore Chamois and serves the increased comfort while riding. A special design of the crotch thereby keeps everything important of the intimate area of the cyclists in its place and prevents additional friction or compression. The cover of the pad has a thickness of three millimetres, and the surface is made of a mixture of 82 percent nylon and 18 percent elastane.

That's not all, the cycling liner can convince with other details such as an integrated centre channel. This is to help reduce feelings of pressure and numbness while riding. Also on the gussets, on the inside of the pants, there are thoughtful seam detailing, which provide more comfort when wearing the liner. In addition, the liner was provided with special inserts on the upper back and hips. These are made of lightweight mesh and provide breathability where it matters most. Silicone nubs in the waistband and on the legs ensure that the cycling shorts don't slip when you get on and off the bike. "The North Shore Chamois is seemingly so comfortable that many bikers forget to take off the padded liner after the ride," report the developers of the liners, not without pride.

The cycling liners is made for normal duration rides with its pads. On a padding for long rides the developers tinker eagerly.

Antibacterial Fabric Has a Lasting Effect

A recurring theme concerns the development of odours in sportswear. In the development of the North Shore Chamois, attention was accordingly paid to preventing unpleasant odours. The solution for BN3TH: An IONIC+ fabric with integrated Anti-Stink-Technology, which, as the name already promises, counteracts unpleasant odours due to its characteristics. The principle behind it is briefly explained. Antimicrobial silver woven into the fabric inhibits the growth of odour-causing bacteria. This brings further advantages. Users can ride longer distances on their bikes, sweating and active, before washing the cycling liner. The resulting reduction in water consumption ultimately benefits the environment.

Even if the developers are working at full speed on new developments, the seat pads are currently not designed for long-distance rides. In the future, however, liners will also be equipped with pads for longer distances. The focus will initially remain on cycling liners for men. And even though the padding of the North Shore cycling liner was designed specifically for mountain biking, it can of course also be used for other cycling activities or even worn on a stationary bike.

This is how the BN3TH APPAREL brand reacted about the ISPO Award for its NORTH SHORE CHAMOIS:
"The ISPO award helps us as a company recognize and celebrate the truly industry-changing and innovative approaches we have to next-to-skin comfort. Innovation is a core value to BN3TH and this award allows us to stop and take a moment to celebrate the achievements of the teams involved and the industry that is supporting us."
BN3TH APPAREL development team
Here's what the ISPO Award jury had to say about BN3TH APPAREL's NORTH SHORE CHAMOIS:
"Even though the male jury members were not able to test this cycling insert extensively while cycling – the innovative design of the seat pad to reduce numbness and the clever construction of the crotch, which prevents friction in the intimate area, convinced the jury."
Andi Spies, ISPO Award 2022, Jury Member & Editor at Large at

7 reasons why the ISPO Award Jury, awarded the North Shore Chamois by BN3TH APPAREL:

  • Abrasion Resistant

  • Antibacterial

  • Bi-stretch

  • Breathable

  • Compression

  • Lightweight

  • Thermal regulating – Quick drying

Product specification:

Material: 82 % nylon, 18 % spandex
Available: since April 2022
Retail Price: € 69,00

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