Weight loss

Zumba tanzen ist ein echtes Super-Workout. In der Gruppe macht es zusätzlich am meisten Spaß.
You want to lose weight and are still looking for the right Zumba course? Then there are a few things to consider before you learn Zumba and get fully into your weight loss program.

Weight loss
Jean-Marc Pambet has been President of Salomon since 2010.
Salomon is getting ready for the future. The French sporting goods manufacturer has already undergone its first digital transformation. In an interview, Salomon President Jean-Marc Pambet explains the next steps – and how ISPO Business Solutions can help the outdoor giant.

Nadi by Wearable Experiments
When it is cold outside staying at home all day is tempting. On top of that we tend to eat more in winter and the bikini season still is far away. It is just very easy to gain weight during winter. Nevertheless, through the intersection of health and technology, taking control of your body and weight is becoming easier even in winter time. Our suggestions for you.

Three girls are playing ball
They gain more and more weight and become lazier and lazier. Every third teenager is overweight, more than 85 percent of 15-year-olds exercises too little. The kids prefer to sit at home instead of going out and meeting friends. A development with fatal consequences