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ISPO Munich
Der goldene Zieleinlauf: Nils Schumann jubelt über seinen 800-Meter-Sieg bei Olympia 2000.
Nils Schumann also spoke at the ISPO Munich 2019. In 2000 he became a running celebrity as the 800-metre Olympic champion of Sydney. Today he is a personal trainer and tells why the fair is important for him and how you can do something for your fitness with little effort.

Die Gruppe zählt: im Netz, im Studio, aber auch im Wald.
The fitness industry will become even bigger in 2019. Seniors and companies are flooding into gyms; smartphones, wearables, and training equipment are becoming increasingly interconnected; and one trend is proving to be particularly persistent. These are the nine most fitness trends in 2019.

The right shoes with Fitstation.
FitStation powered by HP has made a dream come true for runners. The US brand's 3D foot scan makes tailor-made shoes and insoles suitable for the masses with the 3D printer. Becauso of that the company won the ISPO Award 2018. Sarah Clevinger from FitStation explains in the interview what has happened since then.