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Bobsla: E-Kart Snowmobile for Winter

At first glance, Bobsla might seem clumsy. Until the driver accelerates. The electric snowmobile powered by chain drive and featuring a large sliding surface is set to become a big hit in ski resorts, hotels and ski schools; it really lets everyone participate in winter sports. The nimble one-person snowmobile is quiet and – assuming it is charged with green electricity – environmentally friendly. The Bobsla’s electric motor takes it uphill, and the downhill bit it manages all by itself thanks to gravity and the large sliding surface.

Foundation: Austria, 2018

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Contact Bobsla

Bobsla GmbH
Ebnersteig 12

6166 Fulpmes

For enquiries please contact
Mr. Sergey Ignatyev

or visit Bobsla at ISPO Munich
Booth: B4.BN23

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