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Antur Archery Bows: With Crafted Bows Always on Point

For a long time there were only two possibilities for archery enthusiasts: handmade high-end bows or simple equipment for the mass market. Antur Archery aims for the middle and wants to combine traditional craftsmanship with high-tech materials in their bows. The modern production takes place in the northern region of Austria, while attempts are made to still keep costs low. As as result, Antur Archery produces traditional bows reinforced with fiberglass and carbon. Despite its low price, every bow – from the beginner bow to the sports bow to the hybrid bow – promises precise arrow flight characteristics.

Foundation: Austria, 2017

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Archery Equipment GmbH
Eichenstraße 13

4622 Eggendorf

For enquiries please contact
Mr. Erwin Eber

or visit Antur Archery at the ISPO Munich
Booth: B4.BN10

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