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Shapeheart: The Magnetic Mobile Phone Holder for Bicycles

This phone holder promises one thing above all - to keep your smartphone handy at all times. Shapeheart is a waterproof smartphone case that attaches to your handlebars with a magnet designed to hold 50 times the weight of a smartphone and stay attached, even on rough downhill rides. The device never leaves your sight, whether you need it for navigation or emergency calls. A metal plate is built in to shield your phone from the magnetic field and protect its electronics. The cases for the holder are available in two sizes for all popular smartphones.

Foundation: France, 2016

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Contact Shapeheart

12 rue Simon le Franc
75004 Paris

For enquiries please contact
Mr. Michael Weisz

or visit Shapeheart at the ISPO Munich
Booth: B4.BN41

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