ActiveLook DK-1 HUD glasses

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Activelook DK-1: The Head-Up Display for Sports Glasses

Keep an eye on your training data – literally. The head-up display DK-1 from ActiveLook by Microoled can be used with any normal sports glasses and projects everything an athlete needs to know into their field of vision. The idea’s not new, but the implementation is: The technology is based on the displays used by combat pilots. At just nine grams, the AMOLED display for athletes is particularly light, and completely inconspicuous. ActiveLook promises a battery life of 12 hours - and an attractive retail price.

Foundation: France, 2019

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ActiveLook by Microoled
10 Rue d'Armenie
38000 Grenoble


For enquiries please contact
Mr. Xavier Bonjour

or visit ActiveLook at the ISPO Munich
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