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Sphery ExerCube Fitness Game: Getting Fit by Gaming

The magic word is gamification. Fitness experts and game designers have joined forces to create the Sphery ExerCube, a training tool for clubs, fitness studios and rehabilitation facilities. In the ExerCube, you wear sensors on their wrists and ankles which you use to steer an avatar along a virtual racetrack. The movements get more and more athletic, requiring you to bend over, jump and swerve quickly. The difficulty and complexity of the Sphery ExerCube are constantly adapted to the player's fitness.

Foundation: Switzerland, 2018

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Sphery AG
Asylstrasse 64

8032 Zürich

For enquiries please contact
Mrs. Anna Martin-Niedecken

or visit Sphery at the ISPO Munich
Booth: B4.BN15

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