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Hey Honey Yoga & Activewear: Designer Sportswear for Active Women

Yoga is all about relaxation. But the physical exercises can get quite sweaty and stretch you to the limit. Hey Honey is launching a new line of activewear apparel designed specifically for active women who want to combine yoga with fashion. The individual Hey Honey pieces are breathable and elastic - and so robust that they’re suitable for outdoor yoga sessions too. In addition to functionality, the makers place great importance on the fresh, innovative design of their sportswear, which looks just as good in day-to-day life.

Foundation: Germany, 2016

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Contact Hey Honey

Warrior GmbH/ Hey Honey
Dorfstraße 7

21398 Neetze

For enquiries please contact
Mrs. Janka Oeljeschlager

or visit Hey Honey at the ISPO Munich
Booth: B4.BN13

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