Sustainable Headquarters for 600 Employees of the Bike and Sports Company

Scott Sports Opens New Headquarters in Switzerland

The outdoor company Scott Sports has a new headquarters in Givisiez. Thanks to innovative systems and infrastructure, the manufacturer is already positioning itself for the distant future.

Das Gebäude besteht aus Holz, Beton, Glas und Metall.
The building consists of wood, cement, glass and metal.

Scott Sports has built its new headquarters for three years, and now the outdoor company has put its new headquarters in Givisiez, Switzerland, into operation. Up to 600 employees are to work on 25,000 square meters and seven floors in the future.

"With this new building, we are focusing on Scott's values," says Beat Zaugg, Scott's CEO. By this he means above all sustainability and foresight. On the facade, 880 small motors operate the flaps on 400 windows to control the indoor climate.

Simultaneous Control of Heating, Ventilation and Acoustics

The building made of wood, concrete, glass and metal is the first in Europe to work with a system for simultaneous control of heating, ventilation and acoustics. The energy supply is provided by solar cells and geothermal energy. "Scott has had its headquarters in Givisiez for 40 years and with this new building we have the infrastructure to grow even further over the next 40 years," says Zaugg.

Scott Sports accommodates all departments of the outdoor group in the new building with 50 conference rooms. These include cycling, winter sports, running and motor sports, but also the subsidiaries of these parts such as Syncros, Bergamont, Dolomite, Powderhorn, Bach, Lizard and Outdoor Research. The office space is located on the four upper floors.

Das Gebäude bietet auch Platz für Ausstellungsfläche.
The building also offers space for exhibition space.

Bicycle Garages, Fitness Rooms and Lockers

In future, employees will have access to bicycle garages, fitness rooms and lockers. The sports company is thus building an oasis of well-being for its sporty employees. "Having everyone in the same building again simplifies communication and collaboration for us, a real alternative to the home office," says Zaugg.

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