German Nike Competitor and Pro Gamer Start Partnership

eSports Star Tyler "Ninja" Blevins Becomes Adidas Original Star

Adidas succeeds in a coup in the eSports scene: Tyler Blevins, one of the best-known eSports stars, starts a partnership with the sporting goods group. The company is thus expanding its portfolio by a market worth billions.

Adidas signs eSports star Tyler Blevins.
Adidas signs eSports star Tyler Blevins.

The sports company Adidas already works with eSports teams such as Team Heretics and Grow uP. But now the company is taking another step to enter the billion-dollar eSports market.

They signed star Tyler "Ninja" Blevins. He is the first single star in the industry to become an Adidas Original Partner. "The partnership marks the sportswear brand’s commitment to gaming," writes the company. "Adidas officially welcomes one of the most prolific gamers and content creators in the world to its family."

Predecessor of Adidas Originals: Kanye West or Pharrell Williams

Recently, singer Pharrell Williams and rapper Kanye West have collaborated with Adidas Originals to create products. Blevins already indicated in 2018 that he would like to develop shoes one day. In an announcement video on Twitter, he says, "Partnering with Adidas is a chance to join a family that celebrates fellow creators at the top of their game." He's wearing a ninja hoodie.

In eSports not many players are as well known as Blevins. The 28-year-old plays Fortnite and in recent years has become an extremely successful streamer on the gaming platforms Twitch and now Mixer. The eSports market is expected to grow into a billion euro market in the coming years. Logo