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Thomas Becker


Dream On
With the Natural Selection Tour, Travis Rice has created a monument to himself. The world's best boarders from film, park, pipe and backcountry compete against each other in the wild - and can't stop raving about it.

Winter sports
Jake Burton Carpenter founded Burton Snowboards in 1977.
With "A Day for Jake", the snowboard community honors Jake Burton Carpenter as co-inventor of the modern snowboard on March 13. With his Burton brand, he shaped winter sports for decades - and always remained a unique character. Our author Thomas Becker remembers a memorable meeting with him.

Danny MacAskill is the artist among the trial bikers - not only because of his acrobatic stunts, but also because of the style of his YouTube videos. On December 23 the bike virtuoso turns 35. These are the secrets of success of the Scotsman on the bike and on the web.

Looks like standard bike glasses, but is a small miracle of technology: the EVAD-1 by Julbo, the first data sports sunglasses in the world. Ski mountaineer and mountain runner Toni Palzer explains why innovation in sports is simply indispensable for professional athletes.