Background stories and news about ISPO Open Innovation

Crowdsourcing is a powerful tool for companies in the sports industry: Platforms like ISPO Open Innovation bring brands together with consumers to test sports products, develop new ideas and share them.

Here you will find current articles, news and case studies on crowdsourcing and ISPO Open Innovation.

Open Innovation

With Crowdsourcing Customers Become Partners

The internet redefines the relationship between consumers and businesses. Crowdsourcing turns consumers into co-developers and enables companies to change perspectives. How can you involve your customers in the development process and how can they become ambassadors for your product innovation?

How Crowdsourcing Works

ISPO Open Innovation creates a platform for the creation of new ideas. In closed projects, consumers can let their ideas run wild and exchange ideas directly with product developers.

In the end, it's the consumers' opinion that counts. ISPO Open Innovation therefore offers the possibility to have the product prototype tested behind closed doors by selected consumers and to receive direct feedback.

Recommendation marketing by consumers has reached a new level. With ISPO Open Innovation, consumers can test products, give feedback and become brand ambassadors.

Background stories and news about ISPO Open Innovation