Die Socken und Waden-Sleeves von Qilta unterstützen die Regeneration nach dem Sport.
Swelling, blisters and wounds on the feet make things often difficult for athletes. The Irish startup Qilta promises the perfect recovery for the feet with its innovative recovery socks and calf sleeves. The ISPO Open Innovation community can exclusively convince itself of this in a free test.

Motiv tracks your fitness, heart rate and sleep in the shape of a stylish metal ring
In todays fast-paced life, it is all the more important to take care of your body and preventively monitor your health conditions. But how to? There is a number of exciting companies who encourage wearers living a healthier lifestyle with products that come in different shapes than the usual fitness tracker wristband.

Help develop the world's most sustainable trail running shoe!
Trail running is love of nature. Yet the search for a sustainable trail running shoe is still in vain. Together with all of you, Project Clean Run wants to change that and finally develop a sustainable trail running shoe. Join in!