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ISPO Award Winners that will help you grow beyond yourself

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The right equipment takes you to your limits on outdoor adventures - and even beyond. Whether it's a snowsuit for extreme temperatures or a 4-in-1 cape for all occasions, here are 9 ISPO Award-winning products that will help you go above and beyond.


Himalayan Suit from The North Face

The North Face Himalayan Suit
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The North Face

The Himalayan Suit from The North Face has long had a cult following, but now the suit for high-alpine expeditions is getting a new twist. A design team has geared it specifically to the needs of female alpinists. In addition to insulation and fit, the weight has also been adapted for the female anatomy, keeping it as light as possible. The suit has not lost its performance under extreme conditions. The durable FUTURELIGHT™ outer material protects against moisture and sharp rocks, a stretch synthetic insulation combines comfort and mobility. The Himalayan Suit "combines multiple innovations and is designed with comfort, warmth and protection in mind - a product that empowers the next generation of female mountaineers to realize their wildest alpinist dreams," according to the ISPO jury.


Techrock Reversible Hooded Fleece Jacket by Adidas Terrex

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Just a comfortable jacket for the office, then equipment for a trip to the mountains: the multifunctional reversible jacket from Adidas Terrex meets different requirements. At low temperatures, a thick, high-pile fleece material keeps the body pleasantly warm. Turning the hooded jacket reveals a smooth and water-repellent material - ideal for outdoor activities where you sweat. And the mix of summer hiking jacket and layering piece for skiing is also sustainable. Recycled polyester makes up 86 percent of the main material, bio-based polyester 14 percent.


Ocean Brush from 8BPLUS

8BPLUS_Ocean Brush
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For clean oceans and clean climbing holds: In the production of the bouldering brush "Ocean Brush", 8BPlus - together with Tide Ocean Material - builds completely on ocean plastic. In this way, the Austrian climbing company not only helps protect affected ecosystems, but also supports local communities. Their members collect the plastic waste and recycle it. This gives local people sustainable jobs and fair pay, while significantly reducing the CO₂ footprint of the new products. "Fewer CO₂ emissions, healthier wildlife, and more beautiful beaches are reason enough to lend a hand here," says Thomas Auderer from 8BPlus. And it works well, thanks to the ideal flexibility and precise cut of the wild boar hair bristles.


Nomad Cape from Trail Hoppers

TrailHoppers_Nomand cape
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With the Nomad Cape you are well equipped for almost any adventure. Depending on your needs, it becomes a hammock, a rain poncho with hood, wind and rain protection or a ground tarp. The versatile companion is also still very compact and space-saving and can be converted in seconds. Especially convincing are the sturdy material and the attachment of the loops for use as a hammock. "It is a true 4-in-1 product that combines versatility and ease of use with lightness and durability," says Thibaud Durivaux, co-founder of Trail Hoppers. The all-rounder is particularly interesting for outdoor enthusiasts who pursue various activities such as hiking, trekking, road trips and climbing and rely on lightweight and versatile equipment.


Tallustelu kids shoe from Reima

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The Tallustelu from Reima is literally a product to grow out of. The children's shoe offers enough space for children's feet to develop healthily in it. At the same time, the barefoot shoe provides excellent protection against external influences such as rain and moisture. This distinguishes it from other models, which are often not made for bad weather. The shoe's thin and flexible rubber sole does not have a heel drop and thus promotes a natural posture - good for joints and spine. Wide lasts give the ball of the foot and toes enough room to move. And thanks to various color combinations, the outdoor shoe for kids also looks good.


Digital Customer Experience from Nordisk

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Anyone with questions about how to use their tent can now ask the product itself for help. Danish brand Nordisk has placed NFC chips in the stuff sacks of some new tents. If you place your smartphone on it, the device scans the chip and calls up a website. This contains, among other things, assembly instructions and an FAQ section. Customer registration, which unlocks an extended five-year warranty, can also be completed in this way. The Digital Customer Experience also reveals the history of the product and information on sustainability. Unlike QR codes, which quickly become illegible in the open air, the water-, tear- and wind-resistant NFC chips are designed for longevity. What's more, the digital solution makes paper manuals and instructions superfluous.


Swim Buoy from Restube

Restube_Swim Buoy
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The "Swim Buoy" from Restube promises extra safety and visibility when swimming in open water. With its bright signal color, the swim buoy is easy to spot from a passing boat, even between waves. If you run out of strength in the water, the PFC-free lifesaver made of nylon TPU has enough buoyancy to support your entire body weight. In addition to its function as a drybag, the Swim Buoy can be further enhanced with various add-ons. The smartphone can be stowed in a waterproof pocket and an action cam can be attached to a special holder. Thanks to an integrated predetermined separation point, the buoy separates from the belt when subjected to a load of 15 kilograms - an important safety aspect in flowing waters.


Dumbbell DT1166 from Ativafit

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The DT1166 dumbbell comes with a weight range of 11 to 66 pounds (just under five to 30 kg). The range is chosen to meet most needs for an effective total body workout at home. Thanks to Ativafit's award-winning Dial-Tech method, the weight of the dumbbells can be adjusted in seconds with the turn of a knob. Twelve weight levels of around 2.3 kilograms each allow fine tuning to one's own needs. "Based on our 30 years of product development experience, we have determined that a dumbbell weighing 11 to 66 pounds is suitable for general family use," Ativafit says.


Nordic Lynx by Robens

Winner of the ISPO Award: The Nordic Lynx 2 tunnel tent by Robens.
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Summer season is camping season, but with the Nordic Lynx you can pitch your tents even in winter. Thanks to large pole channels and long peg loops for additional securing options, it's easy as can be. Long vents and a sophisticated ventilation system prevent snow from getting in, and zipper pulls are easy to grip even with gloves on. Taped seams increase durability. Despite its small pack size and light weight, the tunnel tent demonstrates high stability and robustness. The Nordic Lynx is available in versions for two people (3.3 kg), three people (4.1 kg) and four people (4.6 kg). By the way, the tent is not only for the cold season: its classic design and features make it an all-rounder for the whole year.

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