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brands that offer repair services

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Are you already repairing, or are you still buying? Durability is one of the absolute cornerstones for a sustainable future and protecting the environment. One of the most important factors for this? Repairing instead of throwing away. That's why many brands offer repair services. We show you an example of 17 brands that make your outdoor equipment immortal.



The Canadian brand Arc'teryx makes it easy for its customers: A product service request can be sent quickly and easily via an online form. To do this, the customer uploads a few photos of the broken products. The products can then be sent to the company and the repair process begins. During the warranty period, Arc'teryx will repair the equipment completely free of charge. And even after that: No matter if it's wear and tear or even wrong use, the repair costs stay within reasonable limits.



Lifetime repair service is available from Deuter. At Deuter, the repair process also starts with a contact form. At least, if you bought your backpack, bag or other Deuter part directly on If you bought your equipment from a retailer, you can contact them first and the retailer will send the product to Deuter's complaints department. If your product is not repairable, Deuter will not even charge you.



Dynafit puts it in a nutshell: "The most sustainable product is the one you already have". Whether bindings, touring ski boots or eyewear: Dynafit also places great emphasis on durability and repair. That's why they inspire their customers with the Lifetime Guarantee. And it couldn't be easier, all it takes is a registration within one year. And there are also solutions for emergencies during ski tours, so that you can repair yourself, like the Dynafit Touring Repair Kit.


Jack Wolfskin

At Jack Wolfskin repair is a three-step process: Return damaged product to the store or dealer, professional repair within 14 days, pick up repaired product at the store or dealer. It can be that simple. In this way, the outdoor clothing manufacturer shows that, regardless of whether there are tears or holes, it doesn't always have to be a new item. Even Velcro, snap fasteners and Velcro are brought back in shot.

Jack Wolfskin handles repairs through stores and dealers.
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Jack Wolfskin


Komperdell promises something very special: "3 Year Service - No Questions Asked". No matter what happened to the trekking pole or snowshoe: all products purchased from 2020 onwards will be repaired free of charge within the warranty. And this is also extremely fast. Within only 24h you have your favorite part back and are ready for the next tour in the mountains.



16,000 shoes were resoled by Lowa in 2022. No wonder the footwear manufacturer has a full three service shops. "In total, we had over 42,000 arrivals. Among them are sometimes shoes that are 20 years old and older. The demand for our repair service is enormous and is certainly spurred by the way our society has changed in recent years," says Arthur Kudelka, head of the service department at Lowa. Online, you can conveniently check by item number whether the broken part can be repaired and what it might cost you.



Löffler also lives by the motto "Repair instead of throwing away" and counts sustainability as an integral part of its corporate philosophy. How does it work? Simply contact the service department, preferably with a photo of the damage, and you'll get repair options and a cost estimate back. Löffler inspires with its in-house repair service especially with one thing: All products can be repaired. If the broken part is more than 5 years old, it is only necessary to clarify whether all the necessary materials are available.



Mammut produces its products so that you can use them as long as possible on your adventures. And if something does break? Then it will be repaired. Here, too, the repair process begins with an online form. And Mammut doesn't just offer a repair service: With the washing and waterproofing service, the life of your outdoor clothing can be extended in advance.



"A new Norrøna product is good - an old one maybe even better." A true pioneer when it comes to repair is Norrøna. The brand has been offering a repair service since 1929. And anyone with a practical mind can even do their own repairs. Not only can the necessary spare parts be ordered from Norrøna, but various instructional videos help to get the broken favorite part back into shape.



Repair Hacks are available from Ortovox. In videos, a team of experts shows how some blemishes can be repaired quickly and easily by yourself. And if the damage is too great to do it yourself, the experts will take care of it. To do this, all you have to do is drop off the product at the retailer and they will forward the repair request to Ortovox.

On the brand's Repair page, it also becomes clear once again why it is important to repair products: Ten percent of CO2-emissions, waste and water consumption can be saved if the useful life of a product is extended by three months.



Well, if that name doesn't speak for itself. With the "All Mighty Guarantee" promises Osprey a fast and free repair service for all products that have manufacturing defects. Even in the case of other damage, it's better to repair than throw away and buy a new one. Then, however, for an appropriate fee.



Patagonia repairs 17,000 products a year. Customers can count on the brand's "Ironclad Guarantee. The best thing about it is that it doesn't just apply to first-time buyers - even if you've bought a used Patagonia product, you can send it in for repair.

Patagonia also offers a very special repair service. Since 2013, the company has been traveling throughout Europe with its Worn Wear Truck and visiting numerous events. Visitors to the small repair hut can have their products repaired right there.



Within a three-year warranty period, Petzl will take back its products for repair. To initiate the process, all you have to do is contact customer service. If the damage is not covered by the warranty, the Petzl team will first provide an estimate and only initiate the repair after approval.


Rab/Lowe Alpine

In four special service centers Rab/Lowe Alpine takes care of the repair and maintenance of over 15,000 products per year. The repair service can be easily requested via the homepage. New is the cheaper variant of a "second stitch" repair. This involves using fabric remnants as patches, for example. This in turn saves resources and also makes the articles absolutely unique.



The Schöffel Service Factory has so much to offer. From product advice to modifications. And of course, the repair service is not to be missed here either. In just 5 days, your old item will become your new favorite. In this way, Schöffel is also actively fighting against the throwaway society. Products can be sent to the company via the retailer and renewed for a fee.



To keep the ecological footprint of its products as small as possible, Vaude is also committed to durability. On the repair platform iFixit, the outdoor manufacturer therefore provides repair instructions and spare parts and also cooperates with repair cafés. A product cannot be repaired, but is still in good condition and works? Then it is donated to the non-profit organization Fairwertung. Year after year, the number of repairs at Vaude increases by a full 20 percent - a trend that will not disappear anytime soon.



To educate customers about the benefits of reuse and repair, sole and footwear manufacturer Vibram has launched a "Repair If You Care" campaign. In it, Vibram encourages consumers to have the soles of their sports or hiking shoes repaired and personalized. In this way, the Italian brand is taking a stand against the throwaway society. For the repairs, Vibram cooperates with numerous local cobblers, who can be found via a search function on the homepage.