Product reviews/05/25/2023

A Clean Solution for Bouldering and for Our Oceans

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8BPlus has developed a bouldering brush made from ocean plastic waste that does a lot of good: it helps rid our oceans of trash and supports local communities. It can clean holds, too, of course.

Winner of the 2023 ISPO Award: The Ocean Brush bouldering brush from 8BPLUS is made of ocean plastics.

Why use new plastic when there is already so much old plastic floating unused in our oceans? Austrian climbing company 8BPLUS asked itself these questions and put their heads together with the Swiss changemakers from Tide Ocean Material. The result? A unique bouldering brush made from 100 percent ocean plastic and bristles made from durable boar hair.

Protecting Marine Ecosystems

Collecting plastic trash in the Gulf of Thailand and Philippine Sea was the starting point for the Tide and 8BPLUS idea. The continuous removal of garbage from the oceans has the charm of protecting our marine fauna and preserving ecosystems. At the same time, the project supports local communities on the ground that collect and recycle the trash. This leads to much cleaner beaches, sustainable jobs for fishermen and garbage collectors at fair wages, and creates a better recycling infrastructure. At the same time, it significantly reduces the carbon footprint of new products.

Every contribution counts: The brush prevents even more new plastic from being produced.
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Pinpoint Flexibility

The product is simple. Yet the designers naturally paid attention to details, such as pinpoint flexibility and precise bristle cutting. Both together make the Ocean Brush a useful addition to any bouldering bag. All of the material is RoHS and REACH compliant. The cardboard packaging is reduced to an absolute minimum.

The Ocean Brush was launched in January 2023.

This Convinced the Jury:

  • 100 % recycled plastic from the ocean
  • 100 % ROHS and REACH compliant
  • Contributes to reducing plastic pollution in the oceans and creates meaningful jobs and supports local economies

Statement From 8BPLUS:

"Our Ocean Brush is the beginning of a journey away from new plastic to recycled materials at 8BPLUS. Less CO2 emissions, healthier wildlife and more beautiful beaches are, after all, reason enough to make a strong push here. We're proud to be able to do that in a fair way with this product and hope to make climbing even more sustainable."
Thomas Auderer - 8BPLUS

What the judges said:

"It's great to see that almost all brands in the outdoor industry are trying to do their part to make more sustainable products - and that includes bouldering brushes! 8BPlus has developed one that combines natural bristles with recycled marine plastic." 
ISPO Award Jury
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