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Vegan Breakfast Recipes

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Even if you may not (yet) completely renounce animal products: Vegan cuisine offers a whole range of tasty dishes that are ideal for a healthy breakfast. ISPO presents five healthy and delicious recipes for a vegan breakfast.

A healthy diet is not only the order of the day for fitness athletes. More and more people are paying close attention to what finds its way into the kitchen at home and what they prefer to leave on the supermarket shelf. For some years particularly in the trend: The vegan nutrition. Meat, fish, eggs, dairy products and even honey - vegans do without all of this and feed exclusively on plant-based food.

Even if the science does not prove the advantages of a veganen nutrition for our health yet clearly: Supporters of the meatless diet swear by the benefits of rice, lentils, beans and Co. and report time and again of a real energy boost that comes with doing without animal products. In cooperation with we show you here five recipes for a vegan breakfast. So you start the day ideally and full of energy!

Inspiration for a Healthy Vegan Breakfast

  1. Healthy baked apple pancakes
  2. (Overnight) chia pudding with fresh fruit
  3. Vegan porridge with fruit and nut puree
  4. Homemade cashew yogurt
  5. Vanilla rice pudding with blueberries

Veganism = Sustainability? A topic that concerns us all

Sustainability and environmental protection are two important topics that are also becoming increasingly important in the fitness industry. As a society, we all have a responsibility to meet these challenges - which also means that every step is important and even small advances have great significance. If you eat consciously and pay attention to where your food comes from when you shop, you're not only doing something good for yourself, but also for the planet.


Baked Apple Pancakes - Healthy Food and Still Feast

For foodies who pay attention to a healthy diet, baked apple pancakes are just the thing for a vegan breakfast. Simply mix 250 grams of whole grain rice flour, 250 grams of oat flour, 2 teaspoons of baking powder and two tablespoons of coconut blossom sugar in a bowl. Then add one cup of soy milk and one cup of applesauce and mix until you get a creamy pancake batter - stir in some more soy milk if needed. Season with a little cinnamon and vanilla powder and place in a hot pan with coconut oil. Slice two apples into thin slices and place on top of the pancake. Fry until crispy brown on both sides and finally pour some agave syrup over it - done.


Chia Pudding with Fruit Salad - Healthy Breakfast for Athletes

If you do a lot of sports, you need a good portion of protein. Chia seeds are a top protein supplier - they contain about twice as much protein as cereals. In combination with fresh fruit, they form the ideal basis of a healthy diet for fitness enthusiasts and other athletes. Simply mix a quarter cup of chia seeds with a cup of almond milk and let it sit for about ten minutes - stirring occasionally to prevent the mixture from clumping. Meanwhile, chop an apple, a banana, a mango and about 200 grams of strawberries. Now stir some vanilla powder and a level teaspoon of cocoa into the pudding mixture and pour everything into small bowls. Add the chopped fruit and serve garnished with a few macadamia nuts and some cocoa powder.

Tip: Chia pudding is also super easy to prepare the night before.

Chiapudding mit Obstsalat - Gesundes Frühstück für Sportler
Chia seeds are a top source of protein.
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Vegan Porridge with Fruits - A Classic

A busy day is coming up and you want to start the morning well satiated? With soaked oatmeal you are guaranteed to stay full for a long time and get all the important nutrients that are important for a healthy diet. Soak half a cup of fresh oatmeal in two cups of water and let it sit overnight. In the morning, drain the water and mix the grain porridge with one and a half cups of almond milk. Now add two cups of frozen wild berries and a handful of dates and grind the mixture with a blender or blender. Season the whole thing with a little vanilla powder and, if necessary, with a little sweetener, and you have a healthy, vegan breakfast.


Cashew Yogurt - Light Food Made Quickly

First, soak a cup of cashews in water for about four to five hours. Drain the water and mix the nuts with half a cup of Rejuvelac - add a little water if needed and blend until a creamy mixture is formed. (Rejuvelac is a drink made from fermented grains such as rice, quinoa or cereals. Due to its probiotic effect, it is excellent to prepare vegetable cheese or yogurt). Now put the mixture in a bowl, cover and let it stand for about seven hours. Then skim off the settled yogurt portion and refine as desired with cocoa, vanilla powder or fruit and enjoy.

Cashew-Joghurt - Leichte Kost schnell gemacht
The cashew yogurt is very easy to make yourself.
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Rice Pudding with Vanilla and Blueberries - Super Delicious and Good for Health

For the vanilla rice pudding with blueberries, simply bring 150 grams of rice pudding to the boil with half a liter of soy milk. Caution: Stir more often, because the whole thing burns quickly. After a short boil, simmer until the rice pudding is nice and soft. If necessary, add more soy milk. Meanwhile, place 300 grams of frozen blueberries in another saucepan and heat slowly over low heat. Put the finished rice pudding in a bowl and sprinkle with vanilla powder. Now pour the warm blueberries over it, round it off with some agave syrup and enjoy - a healthy, vegan breakfast with style.

Vegan Breakfast: Delicious, Healthy and Uncomplicated

Those who think of vegan nutrition in terms of eternally long preparation time and expensive food, now know at the latest that this is not the case. Even for the small purse there are healthy alternatives and with our recipes for a vegan breakfast is also provided for proper energy for the day.


Below we answer frequently asked questions on the subject.

What belongs to a vegan breakfast?

There are no limits to your creations, as long as you follow the most important rule: No animal products. The recipe variety ranges from porridge to pudding and yogurt to pancakes.

Why soak oatmeal overnight?

Soaked oatmeal allows better absorption of nutrients, because the phytic acid content is reduced. It also increases digestibility, which means fewer digestive problems.

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