Training on the indoor bike not only increases fat burning

Spinning works: How to get fit at home with indoor cycling

Spinning is a perfect sport for everyone. The effect can be varied depending on the training plan: those who want to lose weight get their money's worth with indoor cycling, those who want to improve endurance and those who want to build up their leg muscles quickly achieve training success when cycling with music. We name a total of ten reasons to regularly get on your indoor bike.

Spinning in der Gruppe
Spinning in der Gruppe – Indoor-Cycling motiviert und macht richtig Spaß.

On the saddle, get set, go: those who regularly pedal at full steam during spinning will achieve success after a short time. Whether for burning fat, strengthening the cardiovascular system, ergo, for health or for the muscles - indoor cycling hardly involves any risks. At the same time, the workout on the indoor bike is about more efficient than cycling outside.

Spinning: How an indoor bike works

But what is spinning actually? And how does an indoor bike work? The difference to the conventional bike: The spinning bike has only one flywheel at the front, so there is no idling, just as little braking. This makes indoor cycling all the more strenuous.

We present ten reasons that speak for a round on the spinning bike.

Reason No. 1 - Spinning trains the cardiovascular system

You haven't exercised for a long time, but now you want to do something for your health? Then spinning is the training concept of choice.

The combination of individually adjustable intensity and the monitoring of the heart rate with a heart rate monitor makes it possible to train in an extremely health-conscious way. In addition, the even load offers one of the gentlest methods to optimize lung capacity and heart rate in the aerobic range.

Reason No. 2 - Spinning is easy on the joints

Those who have problems with their knees, back or hips usually have to do without movements that strain the joints. Here too, spinning is considered a secret weapon and is even superior to cycling on the road.superior to cycling on the road.

Equipped with a flywheel, the indoor bikes have a much smoother gear ratio, making pedaling easier. This makes pedalling particularly easy on the joints and at the same time strengthens the muscles. In addition, you are safe from falls and impacts on the spinning bike.

Reason #3 - Spinning is a Calorie Killer

For those who want to shed a few excess pounds, spinning is an excellent solution for burning fat.

The interval-like workout burns plenty of calories - between 500 and 700 calories per hour, depending on the intensity.

Reason No. 4 - Spinning in the group motivates

An important factor on the way to sporting success is continuity. If you can only muster up every third training session, you will not achieve any significant results. Motivation is the key word here.

In spinning, a large part of the motivation comes from training together in a group. This makes every workout a friendly competition between like-minded people, where you spur each other on to new best performances.

Reason #5 - When spinning, everyone sets their own pace

Newbies in particular are often uncomfortable joining a fitness class. Will I be able to keep up? Will I embarrass myself? These and similar questions are often asked. With spinning, the fear of embarrassment is completely unnecessary.

Although the pace is usually set by an instructor - the level of intensity can be individually adjusted.

Reason #6 - Spinning trains strength endurance

For all those who don't think much of endless endurance units in the aerobic range, there is good news: spinning is also ideally suited to train strength endurance. In this way, you can specifically push your own limits in the anaerobic range and improve the endurance of your muscles.

Reason #7 - Spinning shapes legs and buttocks

An often asked question is: Which muscles are trained during spinning? This aspect is likely to attract the attention of the ladies in particular: Those who regularly train on the spinning bike will notice a significant change in the muscles of the buttocks and legs.

The welcome effect is due to the burning of fat while building up muscles at the same time. But not only these muscles are trained during indoor cycling.

Spinning Workout zuhause
Spinning und Indoor Cycling eignen sich auch ideal für ein Ausdauertraining zuhause.

Reason #8 - Spinning also trains the core muscles

The front and side abdominal muscles, as well as the back extensors, are also stressed during spinning. Especially when the speed is increased and cycling while standing, our torso has to do a lot of balancing work.

The result: our posture improves. Visually, the training is noticeable through a flatter belly. The only difference is that if you want to build lean or toned muscles, strength training is more suitable. Because these muscles need constant stimuli.

Reason #9 - Spinning is pure action and fun

What should be fun about cycling on the spot, some may ask at this point. But appearances are deceptive.

The constant change of pace, the training in the group, the pedalling to rhythmic beats and last but not least the motivation by the spinning instructor make the workout on the indoor bike a very fun and varied experience.

Reason #10 - Spinning helps relieve stress

If you just want to clear your head after a hectic day at work, spinning is just the thing for you. The intensive indoor cycling is pure stress relief.

Once you have bitten your way through the workout, you will be rewarded with pleasant exhaustion and a good dose of endorphins.

Spinning and indoor cycling with Peleton

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