Spinning - Fit through Indoor Cycling

Spinning means riding on a stationary bike virtually non-stop. Because the peculiarity of this sport is that the spinning bikes have no idle like conventional wheels, but must be kicked during the complete training time. However, speed and frequency can be regulated.

The fitness trend is also called indoor cycling, because the word "spinning" is trademarked by the US company Mad Dogg Athletics Inc.

What is Spinning?

Spinning is a very intense type of cycling that is performed indoors. The term itself is trademarked, making indoor cycling or spin racing also common in the vernacular. Typical for this fitness trend is the execution in a large room full of spinning bikes, whereby in front is usually a large mirror with LED lights. The group of exercisers is cheered on by a spinning instructor, often to loud rhythmic music.

On equipment is not much needed, because you need only a towel, sturdy shoes and ideally plenty to drink. In sports shops, there are special spinning shoes that lock firmly onto the pedals of the bike. Spinning is basically a form of fitness for everyone, because you can adjust the level of difficulty individually and set on the wheel.

The instructor leads the group - most of the time, of course, is driven sitting bike. In between, the participants also often get up while cycling and sit back on the saddle, sometimes exercises for the upper body on the bike are added. It is also sometimes loudly clapped or cheered to motivate the participants. That's why spinning trains not only the legs, but the whole body.

Buying a Spinning Bike - What You Need to Know

Who does not always want to spin only in studios, but would also like to swing at home in the saddle, which should get a spinning bike. Before buying it is important to consider exactly what claim you have to his spinning bike. How often do you want to train, how big and heavy is the main user of the spinning bike and what is to be achieved by the training?

In a good spinning bike, the saddle, handlebars and feet can be adjusted without much effort. At the same time, the turntable, which is so typical for spinning, should weigh 20 kilograms or more. Also important are ways to track the training - because as with almost any sport, you should not overexert yourself. Data such as pace, distance, but also calories burned and heart rate should be displayed in any case  on the spinning bike. Who wants more, relies on Bikes that have an integrated personal trainer because it can be used to train targeted endurance and strength endurance and boost fat burning.

Is Spinning Effective?

In a word: Yes! Spinning is basically suitable for anyone who wants to get fit. A number of goals can be achieved through the trend sport. For example, anyone who wants to lose weight can achieve this with it just as much as someone who wants to train their endurance or leg muscles. The sport is far more effective than riding a conventional city bike or a E-bike, so even with a glittle training effort you will see results in the long run.

The intensity of the training can be adjusted individually, in addition, the heart rate is constantly monitored, which allows you to train very health-conscious. The even load is also one of the gentlest ways to optimize lung capacity and heart rate. At the same time, it is easy on the joints and increases calorie consumption. Important for success is that you stay on it - in a group where you spur each other on, this is of course often easier than alone at home on the spinning bike.

History and Origin of the Indoor Bike

Who likes to ride a bike knows that cycling is a good thing, especially in the warmer seasons. But at the latest when it gets cold and wet outside, the hours in the saddle usually become less or just more uncomfortable. And that's where spinning comes in, which can be done comfortably indoors all year round.

Indoor cycling originated during the 1970s in the United States, where stationary bikes were used primarily in sports medicine facilities for performance testing. Today, the inventor of spinning is considered to be the South African road cyclist Johnathan Goldberg, who had the desire to train from home while preparing for the "Race across America". Starting small, , Goldberg founded a company in 1994 to market the first spinning bike. The success story of this fitness trend thus took its course and continues to this day.

Spinning Class - Sweating Together Motivates!

Spinning is not only more fun in the community, but also promotes ambition and motivation. When finding the right course is the first step the admission interview, where an individual performance check and a comprehensive medical history should take place.

It is also important to include the individual training condition and previous athletic experience, but especially any health complaints. Because only then can spinning actually become a sporting success and not a health risk factor.

Decisive, however, is also the mood in the group and whether you feel comfortable in the community. With a little luck, you pick up useful tips from the group members or even real friendships develop during spinning. 

Spinning, Roller Trainer, Watopia & Co.

Biking is exciting sport on two wheels, but has one drawback: it is only seasonal possible. Spinning or  Indoor cycling is the perfect alternative.

When it comes to the training outdoors as realistically as possible to map indoor, the roller trainer is clearly ahead. Because the spinning bike does not allow idling by the flywheel. 

Indoor bikes, however, allow more training variations and the visit of spinning classes can become a real community experience. For this, the spinning bike is fixed mounted and can not be moved just like that, a roller trainer, however, is. Whether you better or prefer to train on an indoor bike or on a roller trainer, depends on your goals and aspirations.

Spinning - This Is How You Train Correctly

Important for the success and fun of spinning is to assess your own ability well and correctly. There is a fine line between good endurance training and excessive exhaustion, which is less beneficial. You should therefore not be carried away by the group dynamics, but listen to your own body and pay attention.

Although all pedal in the same rhythm, can be trained individually by adjusting the resistance on the wheel specifically. Whether you have to increase or decrease the intensity, you can check by measuring your pulse. Over time, you also develop a certain sensitivity for your own body and its needs. Only at the right pace comes the effectiveness of spinning properly to bear. As important as the right resistance is the correct seating position and adjusting the brakes to perfect the round kick. 

Indispensable is the perfect amount of fluid or sufficient drinking opportunities. Experts advise a liter of water or isodrink if you want to complete a sixty-minute session on a spinning bike. Cycling shorts are also recommended, as they are padded in the buttocks area and thus allow you to sit comfortably.

Spinning as a Whole Body Workout

Is the fitness trend from the US healthy? The simple answer is yes, as long as the athlete observes the most important requirements and knows his potential risks.

This means that the resistance of the bike must be adjusted in any case to the individual needs. Only then is the risk of injury low. As a beginner in indoor cycling, it makes sense to first take a course with a trained coach. Because this can explain and show how the bike is adjusted exactly to the body size and what posture is optimal to avoid injury.

After training, a cool-down phase is important. Most of the time, this part is optional at the end of the course-but you should never skip it., to prevent injuries.

What Exactly Is Trained in Spinning?

It is obvious that indoor cycling mainly trains the legs. The complete leg muscles, even the calves and buttocks are stressed. Depending on the intensity of the training and the type of course, other body parts are also required.

Quite automatically, the training of the arms, which are supported while driving on the handlebars, is done along the way, as well as the stress on the torso and Bauchmuskulatur. There are also exercises for the chest area, such as a kind of push-up on the handlebars.

This makes spinning a full-body workout, which is also fun together in a group and makes the kilos fall.