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At first glance, the Cyclon by On scores with sophisticated technology for runners. Speedboard midsole, rocker silhouette and a weight of under 200 grams. But: You cannot buy the Cyclon. Instead, you get a pair of it for 29,95 Euro per month. This is worn until it is no longer usable. Instead of throwing the running shoe away afterwards, it is exchanged and completely recycled.

On Cyclon circular running shoe

On Cyclon: Fully Recyclable Performance Running Shoe in Subscription Model

The Swiss running specialist On wants to set standards in sustainability with a subscription service. The subscriber will receive a new pair of running shoes up to twice a year. These are made entirely from sustainably sourced polyamide, more than 50 percent of which is made from bio-based castor bean oils. At the end of their lifespan, the worn-out shoes are exchanged for new ones. The old shoes do not end up in the trash, but can be recycled as a whole. This is intended to save waste and secure valuable raw materials. For this, the jury also honours the Cyclon with the Sustainability Achievement.

Available from: Autumn 2021
Expected retail price: 29.95 Euro/month

Cyclon natural and synthetic polyamides

Waste-Free Production and a Recycling Rate of 100 Percent

Recyclable premium running shoe from circular economy. Perforations provide ventilation and a precise fit, while the durable, geometrically constructed knitted outer material offers agility and stability. The On Cyclon is made from only one fabric cut, so no additional waste is generated during production.

Experience On Cyclon in 360° View

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Statement of Caspar Coppetti, On Co-Founder

"Cyclon is “run, recycle, repeat” in a subscription. With this project, On is taking a major step towards sustainable circularity. Using the subscription model and clever design, we want to go beyond the usual, linear product lifecycle. Products are much easier to recycle when they are made from as few different materials as possible. That’s why we created the Cyclon performance running shoe using mostly bio-based materials derived from castor beans – Cyclon is 100% recyclable. "

Jury Statement

"With the Cyclon, On meets two runners’ needs: The quest for an up-to-date roadrunning-shoe, that performs like the newest generation of lightweight training or even racing shoes, and care for the environment. The shoe is super light, at the same time it delivers good cushioning for running on hard surfaces, and it features a modern rocker-geometry, enabling the runner to perform better. The subscription service means always staying in the rhythm of having adequate running shoes. At the same time, the Cyclon means zero waste. It is a product that goes beyond the dimensions of traditional running shoe innovations."

Urs Weber, Editor RUNNER'S WORLD

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Product Features

  • lightweight shoe for road running, tempo training and racing
  • reduced monochrome design, undyed and unbleached
  • close-fitting, knitted upper material
  • shortened speedboard in the midsole and specially shaped heel area for more comfort


Icon Product Specifications

Product Specifications

  • always up-to-date shoes with fresh cushioning on subscription
  • bio-based and recyclable
  • subscription model also for running clothes in the future
  • zero-waste production
  • made from natural and synthetic polyamides that can be recycled together

Sustainability Jury Statement

"The Cyclon running shoe, developed by Swiss technologists and made of recyclable and partially bio-based polyamide from castor beans impresses with its simple, undyed design and mono material composition. It’s fully recyclable internally and the new business model of yearly subscription makes the product at its end of life easily collected and returned to the manufacturer. Here it becomes clear how easily innovation and creativity can be transformed into one product. A big step forward for a running shoe."

Contact On

Pfingstweidstrasse 106
8005 Zurich

For inquiries please contact
Lisa Krage