Trailrunner lieben Natur und setzen daher auf nachhaltige und langlebige Produkte.
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sustainable trend products: Full performance, zero guilty conscience

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The days when top sporting goods came at the expense of the environment are long gone. We present 5 new products that combine sustainability and performance and thus won the prestigious ISPO Award 2022. From a running shoe made from algae to professional functional clothing that finally closes the recycling loop to an outdoor jacket that lasts forever - except in landfills.


Kathmandu NXT Level BioDown Jacket

Biodegradable - and stylish!
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With its NXT-Level BioDown Jacket, the outdoor specialists from Kathmandu have achieved a novelty: Here outdoor enthusiasts get the first completely biodegradable insulating jacket ever. The jacket, which will be launched in the fall, combines maximum durability with the property of being 100 percent biodegradable in modern landfills - and it does so in just a few years instead of over centuries.

How it works. For the fabric, lining, sewing thread and zipper of the NXT-Level BioDown Jacket, Kathmandu uses Nylon 66 material and treats it with the biodegradable polymer "AmniSoul Eco." In modern landfills, this additive can be deposited, accelerating the biodegradation of plastics. Instead of taking centuries, the jacket can thus be biodegraded in three to five years.


Adidas TERREX 'Made To Be Remade' Wind Anorak

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"Made To Be Remade" is the name of the wind anorak from Adidas TERREX - and the name could hardly be better chosen: Because the anorak not only consists of 100 percent recycled polyester fabric, but can also be completely and particularly easily recycled again after use. To make this possible, Adidas TERREX has deliberately dispensed with the variety of materials that always pose problems for recycling plants.

Instead, the "Made To Be Remade" anorak is made exclusively from recycled polyester fabric, even the Velcro fasteners and sewing threads. In addition, Adidas TERREX does not use any post-treatment of the material in the anorak, so that it can still develop its full performance after recycling. With the windproof jacket for hikes and outdoor adventures of environmentally conscious outdoor fans Adidas TERREX has closed the recycling loop.


Helly Hansen Odin 9 Worlds 3.0 Jacket

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Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen's outdoor jackets stand for top performance for outdoor professionals. On the mountains, waterproofing, windproofing and breathability count to stay dry and warm in adverse conditions. With the new Odin 9 Worlds 3.0 Jacket, which will be launched in spring/summer 2023, Helly Hansen offers exactly that - and yet much more. Because the jacket combines the mountains with the seas in its sustainability: Because for it, Helly Hansen uses "Ocean Bound" recycled material consisting of discarded, lost or discarded fishing gear such as buoys. Instead of polluting the oceans as garbage, they are now used as material in the Odin 9 Worlds 3.0 Jacket, which as a bluesign®-certified product also has a PFC-free DWR treatment.


Schöffel CIRC Pants LOOOP

Sustainability and the textile cycle thought through to the end with these trousers from Schöffel
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Schöffel also focuses on completing the recycling cycle with its outdoor pants CIRC Pants LOOOP: The German outdoor professionals produce completely residue-free. Thanks to the use of only one material, the CIRC Pants LOOOP is also completely recyclable. From the outer fabric to the buttons and zippers, the pants are made of recovered polyester.

At the end of their service life, the pants are then 100 percent recyclable. This adds up to a potential saving of 150 grams of crude oil per pair of pants. And without compromising on quality: The CIRC Pants LOOOP, which will be launched in spring 20223, also impressed the ISPO Award jury in terms of quality, comfort, and functionality. Of course, the pants are breathable and water-repellent.


WINQS Zerofly

WINQS Zerofly
Running shoe Zerofly from WINQS
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Algae instead of oil: WINQS relies on plant-based materials for its revolutionary Zerofly running shoe, thus minimizing the need for oil-costing plastic. The ergonomic insole is made from algae, the midsole from a castor-based material, the outsole from recycled rubber waste and the soft lining from wood pulp. Another sustainable side effect is that WINQS helps protect the environment by growing eucalypts to obtain the fibers and purifying water from algae: Each insert cleans 18 liters of water from algae and 11 cubic meters of air from CO2.

What's more, the Zerofly is a performance monster. Thanks to the 360 Wrap System™, it always keeps the foot in the optimal position while running and thus protects against slipping or painful pressure points. In addition, the running shoe convinces with its light weight, pleasant cushioning and breathability.