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ISPO AWARD 2022: Schöffel Revolutionizes the Textile Cycle with Mono Material

CIRC Pants LOOOP Closes the Circle: From Residue-Free Production to complete Recycling

Currently, about eighty percent of all textiles cannot be meaningfully recycled due to the mixed materials used. With its revolutionary CIRC Pants LOOOP, renowned outdoor manufacturer Schöffel is breaking innovative ground in sustainability. Thanks to the usage of only one material, complete recycling and residue-free production is possible. This is how the entry into the textile circular economy succeeds.

Sporty Design, Full Functionality, completely Recyclable

With the CIRC Pants LOOOP, Schöffel is taking another innovative step into the sustainable future of outdoor textile production. The demands placed on high-quality hiking clothing are enormous: the highest functionality, material quality, wearing comfort and, finally, an appealing design are what outdoor enthusiasts expect to be able to experience their adventures even under the most adverse weather conditions. To meet these demands, the producers of conventional outdoor pants often resort to a mix of different materials. With the major disadvantage that this use of mixed materials and additives (such as for dyeing) means that most textiles produced today cannot be recycled in any meaningful way.  Nothing less than overcoming this decisive hurdle on the way to a textile recycling economy was the goal in developing the CIRC Pants LOOOP.

Monomaterial for complete Recycling

The natural cycle of resources served the innovation team at Schöffel as a blueprint for the recycling cycle of the CIRC Pants LOOOP. The goal was nothing less than a revolution in the textile cycle, setting new standards of feasibility.

The solution: The CIRC Pants LOOOP consists of a single material and is therefore completely recyclable. To achieve a closed loop of resources in manufacturing, the outer fabric is made of recycled polyester in collaboration with fiber recycling specialist RENU. The highlight: Since all other components of the trousers, from the smallest button to all zippers, are also made of polyester, the complete recycling of the trousers is possible.

"The ISPO Award 2022 for the CIRC Pants LOOOP recognizes our holistic approach and rewards the creativity of our employees. "
Schöffel CEO Stefan Merkt

Innovative: New Polyester from Old Fabrics

After being worn for as long as possible, Schöffel collects the worn-out pants and, thanks to the patented RevolTEX process, continues the product cycle of the used fibers. In collaboration with RITTEC Umwelttechnik, the basic material for polyester, the so-called monomers, are recovered with almost one hundred percent efficiency as part of a pilot project.

New polyester for new productions is thus created from the worn pants as well as the cutting residues generated during production. Since there is no need to use petroleum-based polyester for these new textiles, this approach to the textile circular economy conserves scarce resources in a very tangible way. The savings potential of each CIRC Pants LOOOP is 150 grams of crude oil. Furthermore, all the water used in production is recovered during the process.

One cycle, one material, infinite cycle. Textile sustainability revolutionized

Holistic Approach Enables Circular Economy

The CIRC Pants LOOOP is not only an innovative contribution to the development and establishment of future-oriented production technologies. It also illustrates the holistic way of thinking by which Schöffel lives up to its responsibility for sustainable textile development, production, and recycling. The enormous advantages of complete recyclability and the infinite recycling of the recovered raw materials thus possible begins with the development and use of the appropriate fibers and the renunciation of mixed materials. This holistic sustainable approach, combined with the high level of innovation in implementing new technologies in Schöffel's CIRC Pants LOOOP, convinced the jury of the ISPO Awards 2022.

This is what the jury of the ISPO AWARDS 2022 has to say about the CIRC Pants LOOOP:
"In order to answer the important question of how circular economy could work, you have to try it. Schöffel took the first step and developed a conceivable solution with the trousers made of mono-material and also thought about the recycling process."
Dr. Regina Henkel, ISPO Award 2022 Jury Member & Editor

Full Functionality for the End Consumer

With the CIRC Pants LOOOP, end consumers not only opt for innovation and sustainable consumer responsibility, but also receive a garment of outstanding quality that redefines durability in terms of resource use. The lightweight, durable CIRC Pants LOOOP meets the highest demands in terms of quality, wearing comfort and functionality. Proven features such as anatomically pre-shaped knees and 4-way stretch ensure unrestricted freedom of movement on all outdoor adventures. In addition, the CIRC Pants LOOOP scores with an attractive, sporty design and thoughtfully placed pockets. The breathability and the water-repellent, PFC-free coating ensure active moisture management from the inside and outside.

For the sales launch of the CIRC Parts LOOOP in spring 2023, further detailed information about the raw material cycle will be made available to end-consumers on the website. In addition, Schöffel publishes an annual sustainability report with extensive information.

5 Sustainable Arguments for the CIRC Pants LOOOP

  • completely recyclable
  • revolutionizes the textile cycle
  • saves 150 grams of crude oil
  • practically infinite life cycle of the fibers
  • no compromise in functionality, wearing comfort and quality

Key data of the CIRC Pants LOOOP

Sales start: Spring 2023
Price:149.95 Euro
Color: dress blue / asphalt
Available sizes: 34-52 / 16-24 / 72-84
Target group: Outdoor enthusiasts with high demand on sustainability
Application: Outdoor, hiking, leisure

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