Product reviews/05/27/2022

Made for Circularity

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The product name says it all: the Adidas TERREX 'Made To Be Remade' Wind Anorak is not only made entirely of recycled polyester fabric, it is also completely recyclable again. Achieving this requires consistency. And that comes with some challenges.

Winner of the 2022 ISPO Award: the Adidas TERREX 'Made To Be Remade' wind anorak is made of mono material

Using recycled fibers from used plastic bottles, fabric scraps from manufacturing or old fishing nets is good, but it's only a first step. The goal must be to be able to recycle the garment at the end of its use phase, too. However, this is often not possible because too many different materials have been used, which first have to be painstakingly separated from one another for recycling. The industry is still in the early stages of this major task.

Adidas TERREX takes recycling one step further with the 'Made To Be Remade' anorak.
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Endless Raw Material Cycles

With this lightweight, windproof 'Made To Be Remade' jacket, however, Adidas TERREX is already a step ahead. Adidas TERREX has chosen the path of consistently reducing the number of materials to just one mono-material: polyester. In concrete terms, this means that this jacket is not only made entirely of recycled polyester fabric, it is also completely recyclable itself. All other ingredients are also made from the same material, such as the Velcro fasteners and sewing threads. The same logic goes for a pair of matching pants.

Statement from Adidas:

"The Made to be Remade Anorak reflects our ambition to make the circular idea the business model for our creations. We want to make products that can be reused without loss of performance and therefore do not create additional waste. The end of one product is the beginning of the next."
Verena Bonetti - Product Manager for Adidas TERREX & Sarah Laxhuber - Materials Manager for Adidas TERREX

Design Challenge

The challenge for the design was therefore to completely dispense with zippers, buttons and many other ingredients that are not made of polyester. The use of spandex or additional finishing of the fabric was also out of the question. So, at the end of its life, the jacket can go straight to recycling.

Nevertheless, the anorak is functional. The fabric is pleasantly soft and captivates with its matte look. Modern consumers do not want to compromise on performance or style when it comes to sustainability.

What the Jury Says:

“The name says it all with the TERREX jacket. A complete cycle in which everything has been thought of. Recycled material that can also be completely reprocessed and that in every detail. In addition, a stylish slip jacket, which at the same time by the kangaroo pocket is also still functionally cut for the hip belt. Thus, one makes both urban and outdoor a good and sustainable figure.”
Dr. Monika Frenger, ISPO Award 2022 Jury Member Collaborators Club

Creative Details

When ingredients are limited, more creativity is needed. Adidas TERREX proves that with a construction full of inventiveness. The hood is adjustable with a drawstring on the front and Velcro on the back. The same Velcro on the back and another in the front upper part of the hood allow the consumer to easily store the anorak in the hood.

The most interesting and functional part of the garment is the kangaroo pocket. Behind the main pocket is a tunnel that allows wearers to either use it as a hand warmer or close the hip straps of a backpack without obstructing access to the kangaroo pocket.

This Convinced the Jury:

  • Product is made of recycled mono-material - perfect for recycling.

  • Many creative features

  • Part of a complete outfit

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