Joscha Thieringer
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Joscha Thieringer


Even though he has now moved to Hamburg, Joscha and ISPO remain true to each other. As an online journalist with a passion for sports marketing, outdoor and SEO, he still feels closely connected to the exciting ISPO world far away from home.

When Herbert and Gisela, both in their mid-60s, comfortably ride their e-Mountainbikes up the forest road to the alp, nobody is surprised anymore. But what happens when you're only in your mid-30s and the only one in the group to switch to E-MTB? Our author dared to try it on his own.

Der E-MTB-Sparte prognostiziert die Branche großes Wachstumspotenzial.
Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of the E-Mountainbike? In answering this question, it helps to know some facts and figures about eMTBs. For our Pro-and-Contra article we have compiled the most important arguments for you.