ISPO Munich 2023 - The trends and topics

The game changers of the sports industry in one place: from 28 to 30 November, ISPO Munich 2023 inspired with a festival feeling, inspiration and community spirit.

The motto: New Perspectives on Sports. And it was lived! From the hottest trends, brand-new innovations and inspiring speakers to discussions about the circular economy, women's empowerment and mental health. The future of sport was shaped at ISPO Munich. On this page you will find all the key takeaways from these transformative three days.

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"ISPO Munich rocks" - Enthusiastic exhibitor voices

"After participating in ISPO for the first time since 2020, we came here with low expectations. After the first day, however, we have to say that we are thrilled with the positive response from visitors, especially at our booth. If I were asked now whether we would take part in ISPO again, I would say yes. For us, it is crucial that our business is a business with people, and contact with our customers is important to us."

Blackyak: Maximilian Nord, Managing Director International


"This place is of immense importance to us. It serves as a platform for meaningful conversations with our customers, clients and friends. Through these interactions, we gain insights into upcoming trends, emerging technologies and dependencies, which provides us with valuable learning opportunities for the future. Another aspect that contributes to the richness of the experience is the opportunity to explore different content. The conferences and talks offer a wealth of knowledge, which makes the whole event very interesting.

All of this is not just about sharing ideas, but also providing a conducive environment to work in. It also serves as a meeting point for our entire team. Team members are often spread across different locations, working from the head office or covering specific regions such as Italy or France. This event is an important team-building opportunity that allows us to come together, strengthen our bonds and work together as a unified team."

Ternua: Mikel Yerobi, Brand Manager


"We are delighted to be back at ISPO this year. We have many contacts and partners who can visit us here - the atmosphere is good. The weather outside is doing the rest, it's snowing, it's cold. Of course, we also enjoy the fact that we can make further progress on the core topics for us in the industry. There are great speakers at the trade show, so the supporting program is right and it can go on like this."

Berghaus: Michael Schupp, Senior National Account Manager DACH


ISPO Munich 2023 - Dive into the festival feeling

Highlights of ISPO Munich 2023

Highlights Day 1
Highlights Day 1

"We are back and we are bigger" - this is how Stefan Rummel welcomed the game changers of the sports industry in his opening speech at ISPO Munich 2023. And he wasn't exaggerating, the first day of the trade fair was already a marathon of highlights. Three top speakers were represented on the Main Stage and inspired the audience. With his impressive life story, Colin Kaepernick showed how important it is to stand up for your own values and pursue your goals. The man of extremes, Jonas Deichmann, also knows a thing or two about this. He talked about his insane adventures and made it clear: "The real failure is not even trying".

In addition to the top speakers, numerous other events left a lasting impression. In keeping with the first snow in Munich, for example, the topic of winter sports was discussed in detail at the symposium of "Dein Winter. Your sport." symposium. The conclusion? Even if it snows again, the melting of the glaciers can no longer be stopped. Sustainability is therefore at the top of the agenda for everyone involved.

Speaking of sustainability: the German Sustainability Award, which was also awarded to companies and NGOs from the world of sport for the first time, presented its winners. The winners included not only well-known brands such as Vaude and Patagonia or retailer Globetrotter, but also small clubs such as the Feuerbach 1883 e.V. sports association.

The full house at the ISPO Award Gathering will also be remembered, where exceptional athlete Nadine Wallner and Christina Rabl from ISPO presented many beaming winners with their trophies.

On the first day, we were not only able to experience innovative products and inspiring speakers: Above all, there were stories that only sport can write.

All highlights day 1

Highlights Day 2
Highlights Day 2

The second day of the trade show was characterized by competitions, award ceremonies and people who have prevailed against the odds and grown as a result. At product level, too, many brands showed how they are meeting the challenges of the times.

The Main Stage was the stage for cinematic stories and emotional speeches. Gordon Herbert revealed his secret recipe for world champion success and appealed: "Mistakes and failures make us more resilient and help us to recreate ourselves. I myself no longer do anything the way I did five years ago." Yusra Mardini has never shied away from challenges either, despite the existential hurdles she has faced. She talked about her life story and the moment that made her an activist and UNHCR ambassador.

The second day was also the day of the awards. Not only were the ISPO Award winners presented with their trophies, but the Public Choice winner was also chosen: the Pursuit Shock trekking pole from Black Diamond. The Founders Fights of the ISPO BrandnewAwards were also hotly contested. In the end, Haelixa (Sustainability), ArcX (Performance), Qwicklane (Outdoor) and Movmenta (Technology) won in their respective categories. And "last but not least", the ISPO Textrends Award ceremony not only crowned winners, but also gave birth to megatrends: SHEEN, LOGIC and TIME.

Special attention was paid to fashion on the second day. At ISPO 520M by Highsnobiety, experts from fashion and sports brands discussed the importance of sport for the fashion segment. At Zeitgeist, ISPO Munich's new platform for fashion, music and lifestyle, designer Stéphane Ashpool shared his thoughts on inclusion, which inspired his innovative designs for the uniforms of the French Olympic team.

The world of running was not neglected at the RUNNER'S WORLD Symposium either, with presentations from brands such as adidas TERREX, WINQS and ASICS and exciting discussions. Conclusion: Running continues to have great growth potential.

All highlights day 2

Highlights Day 3
Highlights Day 3

Who turned the clock again? ISPO Munich had barely begun when the last day arrived. "There is no such thing as the perfect match" - says Thomas Tuchel. For us, however, the third day was the perfect match. The day started with vibrant energy and female voices as the Women's Day by ISPO premiered and inspiring women from the sports industry shared their stories and set a strong signal for equality and diversity. Ruth Oberrauch, the creative founder of LaMunt, for example, emphasized the importance of products designed specifically for women to meet the real needs of women in sports.

From Women's Day by ISPO, we went straight to Paris - to the Olympic Games. These are set to be the most sustainable games of modern times. For example, 95% of the sports facilities are already available or only temporary and low-emission mobility is being promoted. "We want society to benefit from the Games," said Damien Combredet, Deputy Director of Impact & Heritage Paris 2024.

The panel "Are workers well protected against work-related injuries in Bangladesh?" was also about social responsibility on a different level. The answer to this question is as simple as it is sad: No. That is why Dr. Anne-Marie La Rosa, Shafiqul Islam and Martine Riblan presented an attempt at a solution: the EIS (Employment Injury Scheme) pilot. The program helps people who are permanently unable to work with compensation payments or supports the relatives of deceased employees. However, this is only possible if the industry sticks together and many brands support projects like this.

The grand finale on the Main Stage was also about team spirit. "Everyone must be aware of how important team spirit is," said Thomas Tuchel, one of the most influential coaches in the world of sport. He revealed one of his keys to success. The others: Game intelligence and mindfulness. The coach also shared stories from his career and private life and captivated the audience in an hour-long interview.

All Day 3 highlights

ISPO Munich on all channels
ISPO Munich on all channels

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ISPO Award and ISPO Brandnew
ISPO Award and ISPO Brandnew

ISPO Award

It is the seal of quality for the most outstanding innovations in the sports industry: the ISPO Award. At ISPO Munich, the trophies were presented to all winners from 2023 and numerous award-winning brands were able to receive their well-deserved rewards in person. At the three Award Gatherings, Award Angel Nadine Wallner and Christina Rabl from ISPO presented the trophies to the beaming winners.

There was a surprise for Black Diamond at the end: Their Pursuit Shock trekking pole is Public Choice Winner 2023. The hiking poles are characterized by a variety of environmentally friendly materials such as cork and algae-based EVA and, thanks to their design, reduce fatigue and joint pain during prolonged use.

Learn more

ISPO Brandnew

"They have come together to find out what the world needs in sports, fitness and performance," said Jan C. Küster, Co-Founder & Director of Founders Fight Club, opening the final battle for the most exciting sports start-up at ISPO Munich 2023.

These forward-looking start-ups from 4 different categories pitched their latest innovations LIVE at ISPO Munich 2023 - this time in cooperation with the Founders Fight Club:

OutDoor & Adventure & Snowsports

🏆 The outdoor category was won by the Qwicklane ski touring binding. The state-of-the-art ski touring binding with automatic height adjustment for climbing aids allows ski tourers to effortlessly adjust the height of their climbing aids with a simple click on a remote control.

Also pitchten:

  • Milo Action Communicator
  • DISTON anit-cut pants for ski racing
  • Relfective STICKIES

Performance, body & mind (physical product)

🏆 The ArcX Smart Ring won the Performance category. It is a new kind of wearable technology - a thumb-operated micro-joystick remote control for smartphones, sports cameras, wireless speakers, timing systems and any other Bluetooth device.

Also pitching:

  • Performance KIT
  • ClickFitWeights
  • Wahu shoes

Sports technology and platforms

🏆 Movmenta won the Technology category with SOLLO. SOLLO is a patented technology that uses nanosensors in running shoes to measure the development of sole absorption and supination-pronation behavior. The system is fully integrated and weighs only 1.5 grams. Runners can optimize their shoe use and reduce their risk of injury with a corresponding app.

Also pitching:

  • Textile tribo-electric electrodes for motion energy harvesting
  • Lumaflex Body Pro
  • Sportreact


🏆🏆 But there could only be one - an overall winner. In the end, Haelixa emerged as the well-deserved overall winner in the sustainability category. "It's such a cool atmosphere here and there are so many innovations. The fact that we were chosen is something special," said a delighted Holly Berger from Haelixa about her win. The DNA marker for tracking products beat a strong line-up of innovative products and solutions.

Also pitching:

  • numi.circular
  • DIFOLD Origami Bottle
  • Explorer V2

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Focus on the circular economy
Focus on the circular economy

ISPO Munich 2023 made the most important topics tangible in numerous areas. Including in the area of sustainability. In particular, the sporting goods industry discussed how the path to a circular economy can succeed.

Compared to previous years, it was clear that the industry has fortunately grown out of its infancy in this area. Many presentations dealt with detailed questions that are essential in a serious discussion of sustainability issues. picks out three aspects that are particularly preoccupying the industry this year and which will also be addressing in December: Eco Design for circularity, "Closing the loop" through recycling and the right communication with retailers and end consumers.


Takeaways from ISPO Munich 2023

Let's once again feel the vibe of ISPO Munich between inspiring key notes, exciting panel talks, intensive discussions and creative exhibition stands. What will we take away from the three days in Munich? What remains in our minds? What motivated us? One thing for sure: the feeling of a strong community of like-minded people.

Gears, trends & newcomers

Ready to discover the trends of the future? You could be up close and personal as exhibitors presented innovative products and showed what the sports industry of the future will look like.

10 questions the sports industry is asking itself for 2024

The coming year poses many challenges for the sports industry. We listened closely at ISPO Munich 2023 and noted down some of the most pressing issues. There are already solutions for some of them. From sustainable winter sports to a revolution in marketing - the answers lie in innovation and creativity.

Heroes & Gamechangers

ISPO Munich 2023 once again brought together all the relevant players in the sports industry in one place. You were able to listen to game changers during their keynotes, get to know them and discuss visionary solutions with them.

Hero: Yusra Mardini
Hero: Yusra Mardini

The speaker line-up at ISPO Munich 2023 was just as diverse as this year's exhibitors. This included Olympic swimmer and youngest UNHCR ambassador Yusra Mardini, who opened the Main Stage on the second day of the trade fair at 10:30 am. With her inspiring and moving story, she exemplifies the strength, courage and perseverance of millions of refugees and has received numerous awards for her efforts. 🏆

More about Yusra Mardini

Hero: Colin Kaepernick
Hero: Colin Kaepernick

Formerly a quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, he is now a symbolic figure for the fight against injustice. His activism has inspired many other athletes to speak out against social injustice and initiate similar protests. ✊🏾

A real hero you could experience live at ISPO Munich 2023! On Tuesday, November 28, Colin spoke as headliner on the Main Stage about "Impact Sports: How Athletes Change the World". 🎤

Colin Kaepernick explored the transformative power of athletes in today's sporting landscape and explained how this new era of sport is empowering athletes to make significant change on a global scale and advocate for a fairer world.

More about Colin Kaepernick

Hero: Jonas Deichmann
Hero: Jonas Deichmann

He is a man of extremes, no distance is too far for him and he loves the ultra-long distances in triathlon: Jonas Deichmann. His most daring and ambitious project to date? In the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, Deichmann swam, cycled and ran alone around the world and became a star. In the Adriatic Sea, he swam 450 kilometers completely without an accompanying boat. A world record! He covered around 21,000 kilometers on his bike. And he became famous as the "German Forrest Gump" during his run in Mexico.

What did Deichmann do this year? For his current project "Trans America Twice", he covered the distance from New York City to Los Angeles twice.

There is no rest: Shortly after this challenge, Jonas Deichmann also found his way to ISPO Munich. The extreme athlete, triathlete and multiple world record holder spoke on the Main Stage on the second day of the trade fair.🎤

More about Jonas Deichmann


Sports stars spill the beans

What are the secrets behind the fascinating life and success stories of sports stars? Dreams, team spirit and always going on: Colin Kaepernick, Yusra Mardini, Thomas Tuchel and other heroes of the sports world talked about their learnings and challenges and inspired us to change the world with the right mindset.


Numerous visionaries of our time shared their groundbreaking opinions and perspectives on well-known topics with the sports industry at ISPO Munich 2023. One particular focus: sustainability, especially the circular economy.

The global platform of the sports business continues to grow

A significant increase in exhibitors and global participation, the extensive program on ten stages, various networking formats and a multitude of curated exhibitions and activities: ISPO Munich remains the place-to-be and continues to develop into the global platform for the sports business.

Even more highlights from ISPO Munich 2023

And the ISPO Cup goes to... ...Nirmal Purja
And the ISPO Cup goes to... ...Nirmal Purja

Attention sports fans: The German Sustainability Award and ISPO are joining forces!

Together we have launched the new DNP Sport. The award honors outstanding ecological and social commitment in the field of sport. It is a signal to the entire sports world that sustainable action is not only important, but is also rewarded.

To celebrate this collaboration, the ISPO Cup 2023 was awarded as part of the German Sustainability Award on November 24, 2023 in Düsseldorf.

Who will win the ISPO Cup? This year, ISPO honored the extreme mountaineer Nirmal Purja for the commitment of his Nimsdai Foundation. ISPO also includes the Nimsdai Foundation in the "Voices of Sports" and supports it as a partner.

More about Nirmal Purja

Absolute novelty: The Sports Travel Hub
Absolute novelty: The Sports Travel Hub

The sports industry and tourism simply belong together! That's why the new Sports Travel Hub in Hall A1 sent trade fair visitors on an exciting journey in which the worlds of sport, travel and business entered into exciting and forward-looking synergies! 🏟️⛰️

Whether brands or retailers in the sports industry, sports organizations such as clubs, sports venues and organizers of sports events, or professionals from the tourism sector such as sports hotels and resorts, travel agencies and travel agents or destination management organizations: At the Sports Travel Hub, speakers from industry giants such as

  • Strava
  • UTMB
  • UN Travel Association
  • Nadal Academy

shared their knowledge in keynotes and roundtables over the three days of the trade fair and provided exciting insights into the trends and opportunities in this fast-growing sector.

The Sports Travel Hub was the perfect place to help shape the future of the sports and tourism industry and make valuable contacts.

Women's day by ISPO: Empowerment for female gamechangers
Women's day by ISPO: Empowerment for female gamechangers

Women move the world of sports ♀️ - and ISPO Munich gave them the stage they deserve: at Women's day by ISPO. 🏃 👩🏾‍💼👩‍👧🦸🏽‍♀️

Inspiring women such as Nicola Winter and Ruth Oberrauch not only set a strong example for equality and recognition, but also sent a clear message to the world: women in sport are here to redefine the rules and take the lead.

Empowering highlight statements:

"If a man has already done it, it's very easy for a woman to perform it too. Because I think we are just as capable."
Nicola Winter, fighter jet pilot and ESA reserve astronaut

"The mountain sports industry has long been dominated by male brands. I wanted to change that and create a brand that is fully dedicated to the needs of women."
Ruth Oberrauch, Vice President of the Oberalp Group and founder of LaMunt

"Only 17% of management positions in the sports industry are held by women, a figure that is far from a fair 50/50 split."
Dr. Susanne Henningers, representative of the 'Connecting Women' network at the Munich trade show

"My impression is that there are too many men in the industry, especially at C-level."
Constanze Fuchs, Category Manager ISPO Munich

"It's high time to talk about leadership positions in the clubs. Out of 150 top positions, only 4 are held by women."
Jana Bernhard from "Football can do more"


Come to OutDoor by ISPO from June 3 to 5

In June 2024, the who's who of the outdoor industry will gather again at the Trade Fair Center Messe München. Look forward to inspiring talks, great networking opportunities, new trends and a warm community atmosphere.

Be there!



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